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Event Planning Checklist for Accessibility

When planning an event either at Congregation Har HaShem or at another location, please consider the following to ensure it as accessible to all.

Planning Ahead

Publicity and Registration (Communication)

  1. Identify their needs.
  2. Brainstorm with them, and other parties if necessary, about accommodations that can be provided.
  3. Explain what accommodations they can expect.
  1. Specifically acknowledge what you could not do.
  2. Respectfully apologize.
  3. Explain why a need could not be accommodated.
  4. Thank the person for sharing their needs and asking for accommodations. (If appropriate, explain that we hope we can provide additional accommodations in the future.)

Parking and Accessibility

Logistics to Consider Prior to Booking an Event: Indoor Room and Outdoor Space Set-Up


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