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Law and Order


Marissa Pona


Phone Number

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Course Description

Law and Order is is an introduction to the inner workings of the three significant criminal justice functions in the United States: Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections. The course will give students an overview of policing in America, including crime scene processing. Controversies in policing will be explored. The course will also focus on the realities and political-social aspects of apprehension of criminals.  The course will also examine our legal and penal systems, and, lastly, specialized crimes.

During the year, an emphasis will be placed on developing reading, writing and interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The ability of the students to deal with stress and interact with people in various settings will be emphasized as well. Students will learn the value of honesty and integrity as it relates to working in law enforcement.

Law and Order is a project based course, and students will have flexibility in choosing projects based on their particular strengths, interests and goals.

Course Expectations


✳  All assignments should be handed in on time, or they will be subject to a penalty.

✳  Writings will be critiqued and edited, repeatedly, both by the writer and the writer’s peers before a final grade is given.

✳ Rubrics will always be available for writing assignments.

Grading Scale

A = 93 -100

B =  85-92

C =  73-84

D = 65-72

F =  0-64

Grade Categories

Primary Assessments (60%)


Multiple Choice Assessment

Essay Writing


Secondary Assessment (30 Percent) (30%)

Announced Content Quizzes

Group Literature Circle Portfolios

Support Assessments (10 Percent) 

Daily Journals

Daily Exercises

Article Quick Reads

Course Policies 

Retake Policy

✳ Students may only retake a PRIMARY ASSESSMENT.

✳ Essay tests can and should be revisited for an improved grade. In order to rewrite your essay, you must schedule a conference with me.

✳  Content based tests (multiple choice, etc.) can be analyzed and critiqued, with a retest of the skills, for an improved grade. You will not be able to re-answer questions!

✳ All retake requests must be made the same day a test is returned, and will require an in-depth analysis of your performance.

Homework Policy

✳   Students will get homework. Most homework will be reading. All assignments will be meaningful to studies and appropriate in length.

Per school mandates, this homework will never count as a grade.

✳  However, there will be assignments in class that relate directly to the homework.

✳   Students will find it difficult to succeed in this class without completing outside assignments.

Required and Recommended Materials 

✳  A composition notebook or binder

✳ A folder

✳ A pen or pencil

✳ Your Chromebook

*  Any texts (as needed)


Office Hours

Tuesday-Thursday at 2:26 by appointment


Monday-Thursday before school by appointment

Need immediate help? Email me or call me anytime using the information listed above.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations 

Classroom Rules

✳   Please be respectful to both your classmates and the instructors in the room.

*I believe that every person has a right to an education. If at any time you become disruptive to the learning process you will be disciplined as per the guidelines in the student handbook.

✳ Participation is extremely important; this includes completing work, forming thoughtful opinions, working independently and with peers, and being respectful of everyone’s opinions at all times.

✳  If you have a “1” in Powerschool, the assignment may be made up. However, once that “1” becomes a “0” the assignment cannot be completed.

✳  If you are absent, you are responsible for completing any missed work (tests, quizzes, etc) and catching up on any notes and class work you missed. See the “While You Were Out” Board. Refer to the Google Classroom for any missed assignments. If you need help catching up make an appointment to see me during office hours.

✳  Only one person may use the hall pass at a time. If the pass is not on the board, you may not leave the room unless it is an emergency. (Students with noted medical needs will always be allowed to leave the room). Please note we follow the school 10-10 policy. Students may not leave the room in the first 10 minutes or last 10  minutes of class.

✳ Lateness will be handled as per the guidelines in the student handbook.

Cell Phones and Technology Use

✳  Chromebooks will be used daily. They are required.

✳ Unless you are given permission, please do not wear headphones during class time.

✳  Cell phones: Cell phones should not be used during instructional time. Per school policy, the first two violations will be verbal warnings. The third violation will be  warning, call home, and a request to put it out of sight. Every violation thereafter will warrant a discipline report sent to the administrators.