Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


During the annual “Love is in the Air” Valentine’s Day festival in World of Warcraft, Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, a neutral, level 1, flying goblin can be seen in the major cities of the world. He offers players daily quests that reward either Love Tokens or a buff.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Love Factually”

When activated Peddlefeet will see a circle around all enemy heroes that will show him the range of their abilities. This would show him the range of the longest ranged attack from the enemy heroes in the same way that the walls and jumpable services are shown to Hanzo players. With this he would be a super powerful but super squishy hero that will be allowed to deal a large amount of damage from a safe distance.

Mount- “Gondola” Being driven by Dustin Browder

Q- “How to Lose an Eye in 10 Days”

This bow shot from Peddlefeet is a super long ranged attack that when it hits enemy heroes deals a large amount of damage. This ability is not a skill shot and it an auto hit for the Peddlefeet player. This can be talented into later in the game to allow the arrow to stun the hero that is hit.

W- “You’ve Got Flail”

Peddlefeet reaches behind and pulls out a giant flail that he swings forward and smashes the ground with a super powerful attack. This attack not only does massive damage, but it also pushes enemies back a good distance when hit. The range for this ability will be about the size of a Leoric “Q”

E- “Fifty Shades of Slay”

This is a rapid fire of arrows from Peddlefeet that is so powerful that it pushes him forward as he fires backwards. The barrage of arrows will consist of 5 arrows to start, but can be talented into later in the game to allow the peddlefeet player to fire up to 10 arrows and be pushed a good distance.

Heroic 1- “Sleepless in Pitched Battle " 

Peddlefeet fires a barrage of arrows that are covered tar high in the air. As the arrows fall from the sky they will spread a slowing tar on the ground that will add a major slow to the enemy team preventing them from retreating from the battle.

Heroic 2- “Con with the Wind”

“The power of love can be a dangerous thing, especially when wielded by an airborne, ill-tempered goblin.”

Peddlefeet can fire a charm arrow that if it hits an enemy hero they will become charmed and unable to attack for a short amount of time. A Storm talent for this heroic could be that they automatically attack the enemy team until the ability is completed. This ability is on a shorter than normal cooldown and can be used about as frequently as a Stukov shove.

Specialty Skin: Mail Man Peddlefeet OR Gardener OR The Notebook

Dance: Dirty Dancing

Valentines Skin Ideas:

        1: “Ribbon Dancer” Auriel

        2: “50 Shades of the Alliance” Varian

        3: “S&M Karrigan”

Kristen’s Choices


        Giving pointers






Shot Through the Heart

Peddlefeet cannot target enemy units. He can only shoot his own, healing them when they are struck.



Though Peddlefeet is always hovering, he can unfurl his wings further to give him mounted speed.


Bow Shot

This attack deals a big burst of instant health coupled with a short-lived shield.



This is a piercing straight shot that can hit a maximum of two targets. If it hits only one, they gain speed (with their heart all a flutter). If two targets are hit, both receive a heal and a longer speed boost as they realize they both have crushes on one another.


        Rapid Fire

Shooting his arrows quickly upward, they fall back down to the ground in the shape of a heart, raining healing arrows on the friendly team. Any enemy units caught in this are slowed as they realize how unloved they are by their healer.


Perfumed Arrow

This special arrow can be launched from half the map away. As soon as it hits the ground, it emits an aroma in an area around the arrow. This aroma is so inspiring to all nearby friendlies that they receive a buff and increased health regeneration. The smell is so disgusting to the enemy team, however, that any caught in the scent are silenced.


        Love Potion Number 9

Peddlefeet bestows upon one friendly hero the secret potion he only saves for the most difficult of romance cases. Filled with more love than anyone thought possible, the chosen Hero regenerates health double to that of the damage being done to them, flushed with the idea that you are only bullied by those that secretly like you.


        Kwee Q. Metalfeet

An 80s glam rockstar, Kwee Q. Metalfeet wears iron wings on his back, shoots guitar picks from the string of his guitar and wears as little as is permissible in the Nexus.



        Crank That

Goblins love Soulja Boy.

Valentine’s Day Skins