On this document you will find all of the relevant information pertaining to the strike. This document will be updated each day with the most recent day at the top.

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HC Strike Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/hcstrike

HC Strike Website: https://www.hc-strike.com/

Email any questions/comments/concerns to disrupt.haverford@gmail.com 

November 11, 2020 / Strike Day 14

November 10, 2020 / Strike Day 13

November 9, 2020 / Strike Day 12

November 8, 2020 / Strike Day 11

November 7, 2020 / Strike Day 10

November 6, 2020 / Strike Day 9

November 5, 2020 / Strike Day 8

November 4, 2020 / Strike Day 7

November 3, 2020 / Strike Day 6

November 2, 2020 / Strike Day 5

November 1, 2020 / Strike Day 4

October 31, 2020 / Strike Day 3

Dear Haverford Community,

We’re starting Day 3 of the Haverford Strike and we’ve received so much support, but also some questions and concerns. Through these updates, we want to share what has happened so far and what we need to do collectively to continue the strike until we start seeing structural and institutional transformation at Haverford College.

Before we start our updates, we want to acknowledge President Raymond’s recent email. President Raymond only responded because staff and faculty are nervous. They are trying to placate us with small “concessions” to stop our momentum. They are already feeling the disruption of our work, but this is only the beginning. We must keep going.  

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to sort out logistics and organize.  


A few students are still confused on how to strike. Before we get there, it is important to remind you the foundations and motivations of our strike. We want to reiterate that
this is not a vacation. To put into context where this strike is coming from, is in response to the administration’s continuous exploitation of Black and Brown students, specifically Black women and nonbinary community members. On that note, BIPOC students are intentionally withholding their labor from an institution that continues to exploit their academic, intellectual, and emotional labors without having the adequate resources or competent administration in place to support their needs and demands. Although this has received much attention and support from non-BIPOC community members, the implementation of the strike has been inconsistent.

It is imperative that when you strike,
 you refrain from all work: employment with the college, assignments, deadlines, extracurriculars and correspondence with faculty that goes beyond communicating the goals of the strike and the importance of their commitment. We must get you and the faculty members to be wholly committed to our strike so, together, we pressure administration to make swift institutional changes. The strike cannot succeed if we have a few students turning in work or going to class– which is why it is crucial that you explain to faculty members why they should be committed in our strike and convince them to not penalize us when we do not go to class or turn in assignments. This strike is supposed to disrupt ‘normal’ routines because it is clear that Haverford is too comfortable exploiting BIPOC and isolating itself from the injustice and struggle for liberation just 20 minutes away. We understand that each person has a different reason for coming to this college; however, we have to remember both within and outside of this college there has been a global reckoning with social justice and we cannot put assignments and syllabi over Black lives.

The mutual aid funds (@bicomutualaid, @hcstrikefund) have gained so much support these last couple of days which we appreciate. We want to expand that support out to organizations that are supporting Black, Brown, and queer communities in Philadelphia. You can find the organizations on instagram and they are as follows:

HC STRIKE FAQ for Student Town Hall

October 30, 2020 / Strike Day 2

October 29, 2020 / Strike Day 1

October 28, 2020


Timeline of BSFRI initiatives + President Raymond’s Response

In anger and in power,

Women of Color House, Black Students Refusing Further Inaction, Black Student League, and every single BIPOC student this institution has failed