Missoula Bicycle Club Board Meeting


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Adventure Cycling Meeting Room

Attendees:  Greg Siple, June Siple, Mick Owens, Jan Grant, Bob Wachtel, Lech Szumera, Margie Gilder, Kathleen Wills, Jack (?)

June called the meeting to order and affirmed a quorum was present.

Announcements:  Discussion ensued regarding having an attorney on the Board for guidance on liability and insurance, plus the feasibility of having a liability waiver at each club ride.  This person would have to be (or become) a member of the club.

It was decided to postpone having board members be featured in the Missoulian column “Getting Ahead”.  Members would have to agree to have their names and photos included, even though not all might be used.

Treasurer's report:  Mick reported there is $7168.55 in the account as of 3/14/19.  

He gave a presentation of the budget and the board went over possible deductions such as:  changing the donation to Adventure Cycling to $120 per year, changing the donation to Free Cycles’ Tweed Ride to $125, increase the donation to Spirit of Peace Church to $75, eliminate the expense for postage and increase Administration to $250 per year and eliminate the bulk mail expense.  It was decided to continue membership in Adventure Cycling, continue with $300 for speakers but eliminate the Missoula Downtown Association, continue with printing service, and continue the club banner and canopy expenses as well as the expense for t-shirts.  Bob checked into the expense for Bike Walk Montana and said it is $1 per club member.  It was decided to leave it budgeted at $100.  The budget was approved.  It was proposed to compare insurance prices.

Membership:  June reported we have 60 members.

ACTION ITEM:  June will look into using the TOSRV neck buffs to reward new members.

New Business:  A letter to Missoula Federal Credit Union authorizing MBC board members (Mick Owens, June Siple and Lech Szumera) to transact business with MFCU.  

ACTION ITEM:  June and Margie will obtain $50 gift cards for Norm Singley and Julie Huck for services rendered.  

Ride Schedule:  June proposed forming a Rides & Events Committee.  This was voted upon and passed.  Lech, Bob and Margie volunteered to be on the committee.  The “Ride Leader Guidelines and Responsibilities Revision” was dissolved.  This was voted upon and passed.

It was proposed to help with the Bitterroot Trail Clean-up on April 20, 2019.  This item was tabled for future discussion.  Bob will check on the getting more information on this event.

ACTION ITEM:  Mick will make up a 3 x 5 card with instructions for ride leaders.

Next Meeting:  June proposed having a meeting either March 28th or April 8th.  She may be out of town for 1-2 months, so we might need someone to run the meeting.  She proposed having a social event for members to connect with club leaders, volunteer to run rides, etc.  This idea was tabled for a later date.


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