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Sunday, March 25th 2018
15:00 - 16:30 CET

Round table

Essential medical and pedagogical information to provide to expectant parents regarding a potential hearing loss or other complications in the unborn child

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About the topic

We will discuss this topic within a collaborative round table with an ENT surgeon, audiologist, surdologist and SLP.

→ Various parental standpoints concerning hearing and family planning

→ Hearing loss is no life sentence!

→ Planning for a second, third or fourth child is a natural thing to do and is a sign only of the strength of the family ties, as well as of the fact that the shock of a hearing diagnosis in the first child has been overcome.

→ If you are considering another pregnancy, you are aware of the possibility of hearing loss or another impairment in the baby, but also have a belief that they will be born healthy.

→ The necessity of screening and diagnostics, and appropriate timing of them.

→ Reasons for congenital and acquired sensorineural HL and deadness; early diagostics.

→ Indications for cochlear implantation; specific aspects of post-surgery rehabilitation.

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B. Myroniuk

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T. Legostayeva

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Ye. Mefodovskaya

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M. Guryeva


M. Lehnhardt-Goriany

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