Vision for the Development of the Green Office Movement 

The purpose of this document is to...

1. inspire Green Offices to identify how they can become more impactful

2. encourage collaboration among Green Offices to learn from each other

Content overview

What is the Green Office Movement?

Where have we come so far?

How can we develop further?

1. Deepening our impact

2. Widening our engagement

3. Lengthening our continuity

How can you contribute?

What is the Green Office Movement?

A global movement of students, staff and academics working to advance sustainability in and through higher education.

Our vision is that higher education institutions become catalysts for sustainability. This means that...

The Green Office (GO) Model, a student-led and staff-supported sustainability platform, is at the core of this movement, as we believe in the effectiveness of this model to bring about the above vision, especially when combined with other approaches.

Where have we come so far?

Since the first Green Office was set up in Maastricht in 2010, we have

 >>> See interactive map here <<<

How can we develop further?

Considering we have a decade left to respond adequately to the global challenges we face, how can we as the Green Office Movement further develop our responses?

1. Deepen our impact

2. Widen our engagement

3. Lengthen our continuity

>> See the overview of activities and challenges of GO and the project overview for more details about what GOs are doing about these topics!<<

How can you contribute?

Any questions, ideas, suggestions? 

Write Tim, the Green Office Movement coordinator,

or post in the Green Office Movement Facebook group.