Model United Nations

Getting to know your country!




Newseum Front Pages

Newspaper Map

What are the headlines in your country today?

Freedom of Press

How free are the press in your country to report on what is happening?

What can this tell you about the headlines above?

Global Goals Map

Which of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals is your country meeting/struggling with?


Constitute Project

What does your country’s constitution say?

Global Economy Comparison

Compare your selected country with another country you are more familiar with (like the one you live in). What can you learn from this comparison?

World Health Organisation

Visit your country’s page on WHO. What can you learn about your country here?

Global Voices

Visit Global Voices. In the toolbar you can select your region. Once you select your region, you should see a drop down bar, (next to the region title), which lets you select the country. What are citizen reporters saying in your country?

Amnesty International

What can you learn about human rights in your country? Are there any being violated?

United Nations 
Africa, Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Middle East)

In the toolbar ‘Where We Work’. Select the region your country is in. Can you find out any more about the UN’s involvement in your country.

CIA World Factbook

What does the CIA World Factbook tell you about your country?

You may wish to jot down the key points from your country’s one page summary!

Compare Countries

If you have a school subscription to Britannica, you can also use their ‘compare countries’ feature

From the previous activities you should already know some of the key issues in your country. Use the Compare Countries website to find out more about these issues. What did you learn?
Did you learn about anything else?

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