Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

June 27, 2017

Board Members present: Butch Blanchard, Phillipe Laurent, James Autry, David McLamb and Jonathan Medford

Yeoman Report: Medford presented the minutes from the previous board meeting. Motion by Laurent to approve the minutes. Second by Autry. Motion passes unanimously.

Purser Report: Motion by Laurent to add report to the minutes via email. Second by Autry. Motion passes unanimously. The balance as of July 7th is $47,701.18. Logan does not feel comfortable having a checking account with this much money. He recommends that at least two CDs of $10,000 each be made at BB&T.

Moorings: Need to develop an equation for pin size to keep boat scope at 1.5 of depth. McLamb to measure because of full field. Need a work day to mine the field for “eyes” using chains. We have a screw that needs to be dropped. McLamb will call for a weekend, possibly next weekend to do this work. No motions made.

Decking Issues: Need to start replacing bad boards in the decking with new wood. McLamb plans to get wood and screws for next weekend. No motions made.

Grounding Shock: Some electrical shorting happening and lights are an issue. Appears to be an intermittent ground and someone was shocked. A call has been made to an electrician. No motions made.

Events: Martin Scott secured the club for Boy Scouts. There is a plethora of events coming up. No motions made.

Signage: No smoking signs and a Pet Policy sign to go up. No motions made.

Forms: Forms need to be updated with the new P.O. Box Number. No motions made.

Close Meeting: Motion by Laurent to close the meeting, second by Autry, motion carries unanimously.

Next Meeting: Planned for July 22, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Medford, Yeoman