Bennett Valley Golf Club
December Board Meeting (Held on 12-01-2018)

Present: Jordan Schnur, Gregory Fearon, Steve Hanak, Ralph Thomas, James Miller,
Louis Capuano, Ken Richter

Absent: John Christenson, Doug Smith, Maria Guarienti  

Call to Order: 7:35 AM by Jordan

Minutes: November minutes were read and accepted

Treasurer Report Gregory updated our financial report for the first two months of the new 2018-19 FY. Basically the club is in good financial shape compared to income last year at this time. Gregory’s plan is to develop a conservative budget based on current and past data with the flexibility to update and make changes as the year develops. Gregory suggests we hold a budget committee review meeting soon.

Membership: Ralph reported that the 2019 renewal rate is about the same as last year at this time. The club needs more than 350 members by early January to maximize our NCGA qualifier entries. Ralph suggested that we send out a newsletter reminding members to renew before then.

Tournament: Jim demonstrated an impressive Golf Genius option for a live leaderboard on the Legends TV display. This will simplify the process on tournament day to update the results real time and simplify the effort of using the white board. Jim has been working with Legends to offer this option on their TV screens.

Ken reported that our initial Member-Guest tournament has more entries (48) than any Ham Shoot Tournament (Avg 29) since 2012. Discussion as to possible perks for the guest members. Board decided to add $200 extra to the prize fund to enhance the guest’s prize fund. Tee prizes of a sleeve of golf balls, and drawings for lessons with Jim and Bob and range cards.

NCGA Handicap: Louis reported that there are no membership issues with NCGA this month.

Old Business: Need to credit

New Business: The board voted to elect board members for 2019. All current board members were confirmed. Ken was selected to fill the vice-president vacancy.

Louis suggested the potential of hosting a night glow-in-the-dark 9 hole event and a possible 9 hole evening event. Louis will contact Jim K. about logistics and timing options. This suggestion led to a discussion as to attracting new members and offering different venues for current members.

Discussion as to how to publicize our NCGA discount for our members at Golf Mart.

Adjourned: 8:32 AM

Respectfully submitted, Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary