Annual Membership Meeting


Time line for the move:

We need to be out of our current space by April 30th to fulfill the lease agreement we have signed with our partners SEED. We are once again meeting the challenge of our ever-growing city, Rent increases, and limited space will most likely push us out of the city. This change has come due to the fact that the space we are in is going to be sold for development. If you come across an opportunity for 500 sq -700 ft warehouse space with a loading doc or garage door pull up please let us know ASAP. We can pay around .85 to $1.00  per Sq ft in rent this includes NNN. Email ideas, contacts and input to

Christy has looked at 18 properties around the Seattle area only one option has presented itself as affordable in our current situation. That location is in Lynnwood and would allow us to have some very limited pick up hours.  This location would facilitate us moving forward into a drop location/delivery model attempting to use libraries and gardens to hold classes and meet our educational goals and community outreach. The challenge will be the costs of transition paying rent in both places. We are working on a solution to this problem every forsey. Stay tuned for an update.

Year End Review:

Drop Locations:

We currently have two pick up locations.

  1. NE Seattle
  2. White Center and
  3. We are currently looking for a third location in Rainier Beach. Can you Help?

Pick up is free for coop members and is active now! Orders can be emailed to and Management will respond to members within 48 hours  confirming orders and send an invoice with pick up instructions. Invoices need to be paid before orders can be dropped at our drop locations. A product list can be found on our website


Starting in 2018, SFC will offer a delivery service. With the rising rental market it has become hard for SFC to keep an open retail store.  Customers have/are consistently asking for a delivery option. The SFC Co-op estimates that having a delivery option will increase sales by a conservative 10% in the first year. Over the next few months, SFC will explore delivery options around the Seattle metro area. The goal will be to keep shipping costs down and pass the costs on to the end user.

Currently, the three options are,

  1.  Borrow a truck from one of our partners to start delivery. We currently are entertaining offers from two different partners that the vehicles would still come at the expense of our own insurance policy and fuel.
  2.  Buy a truck outright ($7-10k) Supported by a go fund me page.
  3.  Rent a U-Haul on a per day basis ($19.95 a day plus $1.09/mile and Fuel).

It is estimated that the delivery cost will be about $25 per delivery and be paid for by the customer. We expect a one 2 two week turnarounds to work on making the most efficient deliveries to meet the needs of the greater Seattle community.In a typical day, the designated driver is conservatively estimated to make 15 deliveries per day during a 7-hour delivery window, with a minimum order of $100 (the equivalent of 2 bags of feed, bedding and  scratch. If the order is over $100 we would like to offer a discount on delivery. We hope this prompts our members to think about ordering in bulk for by monthly deliveries. Hay and straw will be limited to one bales per order due to the space and labor. We will have a separate delivery fees for larger hay and straw orders depending on volume you need.  We are working on firming these numbers up as we get quotes from insurance companies.

Please be prepared to navigate minor logistical challenges, such as keeping deliveries dry and rodent free. Customers are responsible for providing easy access for SFC staff to drop the order at their residents. SFC will have  55-gallon steel barrels at $30 (hold 3-4 bags of feed) or Standard Metal Trash Cans (holds 2 bags of feed)  at $25 each to buy. Tarps will be need for straw and hay.  SFC is not responsible for damaged goods after products are dropped off at urban farms. Please email for more information.

Board Recruitment: We are looking to fill theses current positions!

Email to get more involved.

  1. Marketing/Outreach Coordinator        
  2. Event Coordinator
  3. Education Coordinator

Follow link to  Seattle Farm Co-op Board Positions 2017/2018 for more information.  Or email

Go fund me truck campaign!

The Co Op wants to continue to serve all of our membership as we are growing and throughout the upcoming move. The truck campaign will help us to offer a delivery option that isn’t dependant on the coordination of borrowing a truck from community partners. This would offer more flexibility in the coordination of delivery days as well help to build the business in a way that helps the Co Op adapt to the changes of the Seattle market.

We would like to partner with one of our members to organize a Go Fund Me event for the truck campaign. The funds raised during this campaign will be used specifically and exclusively for

  1. Purchase of the vehicle
  2. Maintenance of that vehicle
  3. Commercial business vehicle insurance

Money raised during this campaign will not be used for any other purpose than the above stated. Funds will be set aside in a saving account separate from our general fund.

Ways you can help The Seattle Farm co-op he more successful: