Explanation of Ozo Requirements

*Note: Both Community Service done during one’s B’yachad summer and 25 hours of required group childcare (listed above) does not count.

*Note: Tutoring Bar/Bat Mitzvah students or Judaic studies counts towards responsible work/volunteer experience, not ongoing Jewish Education (see info re: education below).

**RECOMMENDATION:  The 125 hours of childcare and work experience should be done in your freshman and sophomore years, leaving only the CPR and Jewish education requirements for your junior year.

*Note: Active in a religious group or club (USY/NFTY/NCSY/BBYO, etc) does not count towards the requirement of “ongoing Jewish education.”

*Note: If anyone has doubt that what they are planning on attending would be approved, please send any curriculum/syllabus to Simcha@herzlcamp.org for review.

*Note: Herzl Camp prefers applicants receive an American Red Cross (ARC) certification. Classes can be found on the American Red Cross website or by searching the internet for a third party vendor accredited by the ARC.  If this is not accessible in your area, please contact us.

***Should your child require modifications (i.e. IEP, 504 Plan, etc), please contact us for an individual consultation.***  

Edited - August 2017