AWRA Race Report 3/23/2019 - Archdale Slot Car Speedway, Archdale, North Carolina.

Some of the fastest WOMPS in the Carolinas were on hand for three races on the oval and the road course appropriately called "The Beast."

The day started with the Junior Division Outlaw Legends taking center stage on the oval. The Junior Division is a sub-class for young racers (Ages 4-12). They are a part of the same race as the adults, but they run in a separate heat. The idea is to allow the younger racers to get race experience without causing mayhem in the adult race. In reality, the Juniors sometimes run very clean races. And sometimes not.

In the Junior Division race, Hanna Sears Scored her 7th win, but the story of the day was Amiyah Wilson's second-place finish. Amiyah started her AWRA career last March at Cordle Model Car Speedway at age four. She has run in ten races to date in three states. Amiyah has not yet won a race, but she has finished as high as second before. On Saturday, Amiyah finished second, but this time, she ran 191 laps on the oval using a Steve Adkins racecar. She will soon break the 200 lap barrier. Amiyah is coached by Karen Adkins, and she will soon have a new Stock Car and a new Legends car. Timmy Middour finished third. Timmy does his own repairs and he will soon be getting a new Outlaw legends car. Here is the field summary for the Junior Division.

1. Hanna Sears - 283 laps

2. Amiyah Wilson - 191 laps

3. Timmy Middour - 177 laps

The Outlaw Legends were in fine form in their maiden voyage on the new Archdale tri-oval. Jeff Hilton was the top qualifier, and the day's first racer to fall to the dreaded AWRA TQ Curse ©. He finished the day in 3rd place. When the dust settled, Guy Spaulding posted his first of two wins for the day and his third AWRA career win. Here is how they finished.

TQ - Jeff Hilton

1. Guy Spaulding - 413 laps

2. Charles Eldridge - 411 laps

3. Jeff Hilton - 410 laps

4. Chris Beshears - 408 laps

5. Matt Ashby - 398 laps

6. Jorge Batista - 396 laps

7. Jason Lambert - 377 laps

8. Kenny Springs - 367 laps

9. David Breitenstine -364 laps

10. Mike Hamby - 351 laps

11. Steve Adkins - 342 laps

12. Hanna Sears - 283 laps

13. Timmy Bottoms 276 laps

14. Amiyah Wilson - 191 laps

15. Timmy Middour - 177 laps

The Sportsman cars tackled The Beast for some road course action next. Guy Spaulding beat the dreaded AWRA TQ Curse ©, taking the win and posting his fourth career AWRA win. Here is the order of finish.

TQ - Guy Spaulding

1. Guy Spaulding - 264 laps

2. Matt Ashby - 263 laps

3. Jorge Batista - 248 laps

4. Charles Eldridge - 248 laps

5. David Breitenstine 243 laps

6. Jason Lambert - 230 laps

7. Steve Adkins - 203 laps

The Stock Cars closed the show with a surprisingly fast race. Jorge Batista was the top qualifier, but when the day was done the dreaded AWRA TQ Curse had claimed yet another victim. Here's the order of finish for the Stock Cars.

TQ - Jorge Batista

1. Matt Ashby - 419 laps

2. Jason Lambert - 402 laps

3. Guy Spaulding - 400 laps

4. Jorge Batista - 392 laps

5. Charles Eldridge - 378 laps

6. David Breitenstein- 369 laps

7. Steve Adkins - 326 laps