Councilmember Jack Evans

Council of the District of Columbia

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 106

Washington, D.C. 20004

March 6, 2019

Dear Councilmember Evans,

We write to you today to respectfully request that you resign your position as National Committeeman of the D.C. Democratic Party.

We are deeply troubled by the allegations against you, your responses to them to date, and the ethical implications should they be proven true. However, in writing this letter, we are not seeking to play judge or jury regarding any allegations or assuming to know the result of any ongoing investigations.

Instead, we, as individual members of the D.C. Democratic State Committee (DCDSC), are focused on acting in the best interests of the institution and the Democratic voters who have elected us. We are concerned that the clouds growing over your alleged activities complicate efforts to win D.C. Statehood, determine D.C.’s position in the primary calendar, and restore the faith of D.C. voters that their local Democratic Party leadership puts their interests first.

We cannot in good conscience allow this to play out. In almost every code of conduct for public officials, you will find mention of the importance not only of behaving ethically, but of avoiding the appearance of unethical behavior, especially in regards to financial activity, public influence, and personal gain. As someone who holds both public and partisan elected positions, you are no doubt familiar with this standard. While the DCDSC is a partisan, not a public, organization, our power rests in the confidence of D.C.’s 390,000 rank-and-file Democratic voters. We wholeheartedly believe that they expect we apply the same standards to political party leaders that we do to public officials.

Your swift resignation from this position would allow DCDSC members to elect a new National Committeeman with ample time to prepare him for his role at upcoming DNC meetings and events. While the DCDSC Bylaws (Article II, B) allow for a formal process to seek member removal, we have elected not to initiate that process at this time in hopes that you will spare the party a lengthy dispute and do as you’ve promised in the past: put the interests of the party and D.C. voters first.

Thank you for your consideration.


Renee Bowser, Ward 4 Committeewoman

Todd Brogan, Ward 4 Committeeman

Angelica Castañon, Ward 1 Committeewoman

Sharece Crawford, At-Large Committeewoman (Ward 8 resident)

Wendy Cronin, Ward 6 Committeewoman

Tony Donaldson, Ward 1 Committeeman

Dorothy Douglas, Ward 7 Committeewoman

Beau Finley, Ward 3 Committeeman

Brandon Frye, Add On Male (Ward 2 resident)

John Green, At-Large Committeeman (Ward 1 resident)

Lauren Grimes, Ward 7 Committeewoman

Philip Hammond, Ward 7 Committeeman

Zach Israel, DC Young Dems National Committeeman (Ward 4 resident)

Chioma Iwuoha, At-Large Committeewoman (Ward 7 resident)

Tiye Kinlow, Add On Female (Ward 3 resident)

Janeese Lewis, Add On Female (Ward 4 resident)

Latifa Lyles, At-Large Committeewoman (Ward 4 resident)

Elizabeth Mitchell, Ward 3 Committeewoman

Regina Pixley, Ward 8 Committeewoman

Kishan Putta, Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus Rep (Ward 2 resident)

Sheika Reid, DC Young Dems National Committeewoman (Ward 1 resident)

Monica Roache, At-Large Committeewoman (Ward 2 resident)

Andria Thomas, Ward 6 Committeewoman

Andra Wicks, Ward 5 Committeewoman

If you are a DCDSC member who would like your name added to this letter, please email your first and last name, title, and the ward you reside in to At-Large Committeewoman Chioma Iwuoha at

If you are a member of the press seeking comment, please contact Ward 4 Committeeman Todd Brogan at