1. People are not data. They cannot be collected or categorized. People matter, not what they do.

2. Information is not a being or an entity. It is created by people. Information, therefore, does not want to be free; it lacks the ability to want anything.

3. Free things have no value. People, and what they create, are valuable. That's why you respect copyrights.

4. The computer, the internet, and the applications and software I use are all tools. When they fail, it is not a statement about me. Always be prejudiced for the person, not the tool. If the tool forces the person to change or be reduced, the tool has failed.

5. If you call yourself an upstander and are also part of a trending hashtag, chances are pretty good you're not standing up against anything.

6. What is in your heart is what comes out of your mouth (and what you say online).

7. Be small before you get big, and don't make getting famous any kind of goal.

8. Use your real name, and speak as if you were face to face.

9. "Don't be evil" is subjective, depending on what you think not being evil looks like.

10. You can't know everything, nor is your brain capable of processing excessive information particularly when it comes at you quickly, without much context, and frontloaded for marketing and PR with the hope of using your emotion to get you to act or to donate money. For this reason, get off of the internet as much as you can.

11. Right now, remove all social media apps off of your phone. Delete your actual accounts or let them go dormant. Social media is not helping you. It is hurting you. If the app is “free”, then you are the product. Corporations are using you, and your information.

12. If someone calls themself a "thought leader" or believes their own PR, run away. We need good leaders, but we also need people who are good thinkers. Thought leaders don't create either. They create puppets.

13. Resist the call to “resist” when it comes from the media, celebrity culture, and privileged classes. They are using you. You're not woke, you're a tool.

14. Write by hand, preferably in cursive.