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Purpose and Growth in One Page
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Purpose & Growth: An Introduction                                                                                                  

Why we exist:

Purpose and Growth provide job skills and employment to people who are underserved in the Australian employment market such as primarily refugees & asylum seekers, but also veterans, and once-troubled young people, while providing a competitive return to investors.

What we have accomplished:

In the last three years, P&G Initiatives and P&G Purpose have given over 50 overlooked people their first work experience in Australia, and paid out nearly $2M to our newest Australians.

How we do it:

P&G Initiatives and its subsidiary P&G Growth provide manufacturing employment to individuals in underserved communities, validating some of their previous experiences, and providing them with their initial Australian work experience.  P&G Growth manufactures and sells paper tubes to companies throughout Australia on the open market.  It is a traditional company with one exception, 50% of profits go to profit sharing for our people or funding P&G Purpose to help other new Australians.

P&G Purpose is a DGR-listed not-for-profit.  It collaborates with each employee of P&G Growth and other companies with similar values to identify their employment goals/gaps.  After these goals/gaps are identified, bespoke development plans are created for each individual.  P&G Purpose fills the gaps in each development plan through internal resources or by contracting other providers (such as grief, language or transportation).  After training and development is complete, P&G Purpose engages other companies to place these individuals in jobs outside of P&G Growth that match their preferences.

System diagram: