We will be using the Flipd app (website) in class to measure engagement and attendance. Flipd helps you stay focused and on-task, measures attendance, and allows you to participate in pop quizzes. Flipd is also a useful study tool outside of class, giving you access to content for managing stress, productivity, and wellbeing.

For information about Flipd’s data privacy policy, please visit this link:

[optional, example only] Flipd will be worth [XX] points toward your [participation grade] in class. You’re responsible for using the Flipd app in every class to earn these points. While you’re “Flipd Off”, you can still receive an emergency phone call or text (which I would expect you to take in the hall outside the classroom anyway).  Flipd sends me a full summary of your participation every class, so if you’ve had Flipd on the whole class I will give you the credit.

Download instructions: From your phone, visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search “Flipd”. Download and login to the Flipd app with your email address, Google, or Facebook account. Once logged in you must join our class by entering the 5-digit code below. This code identifies our class. You must join the correct class to earn points. Note: The specific code for our class is XXXXX. You will need to login and join our class by [X DATE].

Cost: [Unless paid for by the instructor/school] When you first join Flipd, it costs $7.99 (4 months) or $12.99 (12 months) to subscribe. This one-time payment gives you access to join all of your classes using Flipd for however long your subscription lasts, as well as all of Flipd’s premium features.

Payment Options:

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: If you need help getting started with Flipd, have questions about using it, or experience trouble, it is your responsibility to contact their Support Team directly as soon as possible. Flipd Support can be reached by email (, on the company’s Help Center ( and through the in-app chat in your Account Settings. When contacting support, provide your email address linked to the account, full name, and 5-digit class code, and any other important information to help identify the problem. The more information that you provide the faster your problem will be solved. A real person will usually reply within 1 business day or less.

Information about your privacy using Flipd can be found on this page:


Additional Notes for Instructors:

  1. You will need to modify the content of this template for EACH of your classes that you plan to use with Flipd. Every unique class will require a unique code for your students to join.
  2. Make sure your students know to email Flipd support if they have any technical questions or concerns, instead of emailing you!
  3. If your class has been pre-paid, your students will not have to make the in-app purchase at the time of joining the class.
  4. Should you have any technical concerns of your own, please email Reply time is quickest if sent weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM EST.