Get Fake Clinics Out of Orlando #ExposeThriVe

Background on Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics

More Background on ThriVe Orlando

Get Fake Clinics Out of Orlando #ExposeThriVe 

ThriVe is an anti-abortion fake clinic in Orlando targeting young people seeking reproductive health information and pregnancy options. We are fighting back to #ExposeThriVe.

ThriVe is a fake women’s health clinic attempting to disguise itself as a legitimate health care provider, to deceive and shame women who are seeking abortion care. ThriVe is associated with a religious organization whose mission is to prevent people from accessing abortion care.  Young people in Orlando deserve  the truth about the full range of their reproductive health care options -  this must include abortion access.

Fake clinic ThriVe:

Anti-abortion politicians have given millions of taxpayer dollars to anti-abortion fake clinics since 2006. In 2016, half of the money set aside for affordable birth control - $2 million out of $4.25 million - went to fund fake clinics. There are at least 120 fake clinics operating in Florida.  ThriVe does not get taxpayer dollars, but  many of these anti-abortion fake clinics do - while qualified family planning providers are denied funding simply because they provide evidence-based care such as birth control, unbiased counseling, or referrals to safe and legal abortion care. 

Many of these fake clinics  operate in close proximity to legitimate reproductive health care facilities, and also position themselves near schools and communities of color. Help us get fake clinics out of Orlando and expose ThriVe. Join the fight for reproductive justice!

Background on Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics

What are anti-abortion fake clinics?

Anti-abortion fake clinics (sometimes called crisis pregnancy centers) disguise themselves as legitimate health centers to trap and deceive women about reproductive care. They spread misinformation about abortion and shame people who have them. They are often affiliated with religious organizations and believe in religious proselytizing.

What tactics do fake clinics use to dissuade people from having abortions?

They use a variety of tactics, both inside and outside the clinic to shame and misinform people about abortion. This includes:

How many fake clinics are in Florida?

There are at least 120 fake clinics operating in Florida. Many of them operate in close proximity to legitimate reproductive health care facilities. Many patients have mistakenly visited a fake clinic because it was on the same street—or even next door—to the actual abortion provider where they had an appointment.

More Background on ThriVe Orlando

What is ThriVe Orlando?

ThriVe Orlando is an anti-abortion fake clinic located near the University of Central Florida campus. Though ThriVe presents itself as a legitimate health clinic, they are in fact a religious anti-abortion effort whose mission is to prevent people from obtaining abortions. They are a partner with Cornerstone Ministry Village, which raises money for ThriVe and is involved in staffing and organizational mission.  It is part of national network of anti-abortion fake clinics including one in St. Louis.

In a display of their true agenda, a job listing for a position at ThriVe Orlando lists requirements for commitment to “personal daily prayer, Bible study, and active involvement in an Evangelical Church,” while a medical or nursing background is not required or even mentioned.

ThriVe disguises this anti-abortion agenda in its public brand in order to deceive people into thinking it is a legitimate health provider. For example, their website uses colors and images meant to target young people and uses language that is not overtly anti-abortion.

How does ThriVe Orlando deceive its patients?

ThriVe Orlando’s website lists Plan B emergency contraception as a form of abortion. In truth, emergency contraception is not a form of abortion and this claim has been rejected by leading medical experts. This is an example of the kind of misinformation a person seeking an abortion could receive as part of counseling at ThriVe’s clinic in Orlando.

Like other fake clinics, ThriVe also uses internet searches to deceive people seeking abortions. When a person in Orlando searches for abortion services, ThriVe is likely to come up as a result. This is part of their deceptive advertising and “bait and switch” tactics.

How many people are seen at ThriVe Orlando?

In 2016, ThriVe Orlando served 407 patients, a record high according to their internal documents. Eighty-two percent of those patients were seeking abortions (or what they call “at-risk of abortion”).

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