Director of Teaching and Learning

The Director of Teaching and Learning works to improve curriculum, instruction and assessment across the school. The Director of Teaching and Learning consults with students, Heads of Department, Counsellors, Teachers and the Head of School, and examines research into best educational practices to determine how to raise levels of student achievement. They ensure that all decisions are based on evidence and made in the service of student learning.

The Director of Teaching and learning also demonstrates commitment to the classroom and to the constant improvement of her own professional practice through regular classroom teaching.

The Director of Teaching and Learning works to foster a spirit of collegiality among Avasara teachers, and between Avasara teachers and other educators. Beyond the academic space, the Director of Teaching and Learning contributes to a healthy school culture that supports students' academic, co-curricular, cultural and socio/emotional needs.


Instructional Leadership

Classroom Teaching

Student Support and Achievement


Leadership of the Instructional Team


Curriculum and Cambridge Assessment


Engagement with the wider school community


Additional Duties


Dispositions of the Ideal Candidate:

Desired experience and qualifications:

Location: Pune, India

Start Date:  Preferably March 2020, but no later than May 2020

To Apply: Email with a CV or resume and cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position as soon as possible.