Statement of Values

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe in the common good for every citizen of the Commonwealth, and strive for constant improvement. We approach our work through the lenses of equity, opportunity, sustainability, justice, and young people in government. We fight for progressive policy, empowerment, and a culture that fosters political engagement in communities big and small.

Civil Rights

Discrimination based on age, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, immigration status, income, national origin, race, refugee status, religion, or sexual orientation has no place in our communities. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in society on their own terms and lead independent lives. We believe Black lives matter, and that it is our responsibility to stand up for the rights of those marginalized by society. Voting is a right and we believe in making it as accessible as possible and oppose policies that create barriers to participation or otherwise disenfranchise any voters. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are committed to protecting the rights of all individuals.

We Endorsed

2018: Joined Freedom for All Massachusetts coalition to defend transgender equality

2018: Safe Communities Act (H.3269/S.1305)

2019: An Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors (S.70/H.140)


A thriving economy spurs job growth and creates economic opportunity for everyone. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe all working people should have the right to quality jobs, livable wages, and mechanisms to break the cycle of poverty. All employees deserve protections and bargaining power, both at the workplace and once they leave.

We Endorsed

2017: Fight for Fifteen Ballot Initiative


Education is the cornerstone of our society, democracy, and economy. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable education from childhood through adulthood. We believe that our education system should successfully prepare students for life, work, and engaged citizenship.

We Endorsed

2016: No on 2 (Charter School Expansion)

2019: PROMISE Act (S.238 / H.586)

2019: Healthy Youth Act (S.263/H.410)

2019: An Act requiring sexual misconduct climate surveys at institutions of higher education (S.736 / H.1208)

2019: An Act relative to sexual violence on higher education campuses (S.764 / H.1209)


The Young Democrats of Massachusetts support clean-energy technologies, energy conservation, and energy efficiency. These are critically important to lowering energy costs, enhancing energy reliability, catalyzing economic growth, ensuring the health of our citizens, and reaping environmental benefits.


Protecting our environment, from the air we breathe to the water we drink, is critical to the health of our citizens. Climate change is real and man-made; we have a responsibility to act. We support strong funding of parks and other publicly accessible facilities. We believe in protections for wildlife, water and air quality, and sustainable consumption practices to preserve and repair our planet’s delicate ecological infrastructure.


Good quality of life and well-being is essential to grow, thrive, and live successfully. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe that regardless of economic status, high-quality and affordable health care, both physical and mental care, should be available to all. People lead healthy lives and realize their full potential when they have full of control over their bodies, including autonomy over reproductive choices and freedom from substance use disorders.

We Endorsed

2017: Paid Family & Medical Leave Ballot Initiative

2017: Safe Patient Limits Ballot Initiative

2017: The Contraceptive Access Bill (S. 499, H. 536)

2019: ROE Act (S.1209/H.3320)


Housing is a human right, and affordable housing is important to the economic vitality of our communities.The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe affordable housing should be within the means of all citizens. We believe everyone should have a fair shot at homeownership. We also firmly believe that policymakers must do more to ensure that rent is affordable.

We Endorsed

2018: Great Neighborhoods Call to Action Principles

2019: HOMES Act (S.824/H.3566)


We are a nation of immigrants. We benefit from the contributions of immigrants, past, present and future. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts support a humane immigration policy that includes a path to citizenship, and affords all immigrants full and equal rights. We believe everyone in Massachusetts – undocumented or not – deserves to be treated with basic human dignity. We refuse to demonize and scapegoat undocumented immigrants.

Political & Government Reform

Public officials should be held to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe that government should always strive to increase public participation and improve its structure, rules, and norms to best serve the people.

We Endorsed

2017: Automatic Voter Registration (H. 2091, S. 373, and H. 2080)

2019: EMPOWER Act (S.389 / H.720)

2019: Election Day Registration (S.396 / H.685):

Public Safety

Every person should live in a safe community. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are committed to policy changes and investments to reduce recidivism, prevent crime, and improve rehabilitation. We believe that all citizens should be treated fairly by law enforcement, and have equal justice under the law, and that the law should appropriately reflect the dangers our communities face. We must take action to address the public health crisis of gun violence. We advocate research and policy designed to both prevent and reduce gun violence of all kinds including but not limited to domestic violence, organized crime, accidental death or injury, suicide, mass-shootings, and any other situations in which the presence of a firearm poses a threat to the health or safety of a person.

We Endorsed

2016: Yes on 4 (Legalize Marijuana)

Public Service

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts encourage people to engage in public service and the betterment of their communities however possible. We believe that both armed and unarmed service is honorable. In particular, we feel that we have a moral responsibility to keep faith with our veterans to care for and empower those who have served.


Socially responsible investments today provide positive outcomes in our communities for years to come. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe in a progressive tax system, where taxes and fees are equitably distributed and reasonably assessed. We support sustainable, reliable, and routine investments to improve the Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth should be a geography of expanding opportunity. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe our transportation systems should be safe, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. We believe that our transportation system should be well-maintained and built to promote economic development, connect workers with jobs, promote walkability and biking, and connect our communities. We support timely transportation investments that promote the creation of housing development and employment opportunities that embrace both smart growth and the preservation of our natural and cultural landscapes.


Our energy, water, and information infrastructure must be high-quality, accessible, reliable, safe, and secure. Just like water and energy, we believe internet access must be readily available to all, as it is a requirement for participation in a modern economy and civic society.

Approved by unanimous vote, February 13, 2018, Boston, Massachusetts.