Handbook Consent

I __________________ have received and read the parent handbook. I agree to the rules and policies addressed in the handbook.

____I understand that I must notify 605-641-3367 with schedule changes as soon as possible so we can evaluate staffing.

____I understand that if the center is closed for a holiday, emergency, or other unforeseen circumstances that I am still responsible to pay the contracted weekly rate if I want to hold my spot.

____I understand that payment for daycare & preschool services is due every Friday and if not paid by Monday at 8AM will receive a $30 late fee. If the bill is not paid in full by 8AM the following Monday an additional $15 late fee is applied and services will be terminated.

___I understand there will be an annual supply fee.

____I understand that if I am later then the center's closing time. I will be charged $5 for every 15 minutes past due. Unless other arrangements are made. Center hours are 5:30am-6:00pm.

____I understand that if any concerns or changes need to be made that I should call and talk to 605-641-3367

____I understand that if I choose to leave this center a two-week notification of discontinuance of care must be given in writing to the Owner/Director. Daycare bill will continue to accrue for those two weeks following notification. Bill must be paid in full by the last day of care and then your deposit will be returned.

Signature of Parent_________________________________Date________________________