2018-2019 Current Event

Weekly Assignment for Social Studies

Nebraska State Social Studies Standards:

SS 8.4.3 (US): Students will analyze and interpret historical and current events from multiple perspectives.

SS 8.4.4 (US): Students will identify causes of past and current events, issues, and problems.

        Every week there will be a Current Event assignment in Social Studies class.  The first one will be due on Friday, August 24th, 2018.  This assignment is worth 20 points and is due on Friday of every week.  If the week is only a four day week, the assignment will be due on the last day of that week.  For example, if there is no School on Friday, the assignment will be due on Thursday.  If there is no school on Monday, the assignment will still be due on Friday. IF THERE IS NO CURRENT EVENT ASSIGNMENT DUE I WILL PUT IT ON THE ANNOUNCEMENT SECTION OF THE WEEBLY, AS WELL AS WRITEIT IN THE APPROPRIATE BOX ON THE WHITEBOARD! It is your responsibility to check. If there is not a message that says there is not Current Event due that week, then there is one due!

The Assignment

        You will need to find a news article.  This year to start with I am limiting you to the following sites for your news articles: HMH Current Events,, student news daily, and Time for Kids. The links for these are on the online version of this document as well as on my Weebly, in the Current Event Resource section. If you can’t find it you need to ask and I will help you with it. On each of these sites there are subcategories so you can choose one from a category that you are interested in. I will show you how to access these categories in class. If you forget, or have any questions, please ask. You need to include the information for the  website where you found the article. You need write the name of the website, the name of the article, the date you read the article, and the link to the article, not just the website) .  When you have found an article make sure you read the whole thing.

        When you have read the article you can fill out the assignment sheet. You need to include your name and the date that the assignment is/was due on the top of the paper. Then you need to completely fill out the assignment sheet. The assignment is worth 20 points. The individual items are worth one point each except for the T.S. (summary sentence) and the C.S. Which we will use as an opinion sentence (What did you think of the article and why). These sentences will be worth 4 points each. To get full points for your sentences the need to be good complete sentences that include details specific to the article. For example:

Poor example: I thought the article was good.

Good example: I thought the article was interesting because it explained how the gravitational pull from the Earth impacts the moon.

If you have any questions about the assignment let me know.