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stock photography

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👋 hello

hi! my name is levi meir, and i am a photojournalist, portrait photographer, and stock photographer.

stock photography

for stock photography, i freelance by reading what different agencies need and then arranging shoots to fulfill them. this can range from food to issues in the news (e.g. remote work) to people doing everyday activities.

model release

i will bring a model release form for you to sign before we shoot. this is standard practice and informs me how you are comfortable being described, as well as gives me permission to upload the photos to unsplash, getty, etc. please review this form before scheduling, as we will be signing it in full.

🔗 model release form (pdf)

what to expect

usually, a shoot is about sixty to ninety minutes. that gives us time to chat, collaborate, explore, and take small breaks for refreshments. some shoots take longer for couples, but generally two hours is my hard limit for the comfort of everyone involved.

be yourself

bring as many outfits as you like, explore all aspects of your gender identity, show off how you live with disability, or anything else that tells your story. shine your light!


also, if you need some specific shots, then let me know. headshots? portraits? an item with sentimental value? if a particular request would add value for you, yes!

finished photos

you’ll be welcome to use the full-resolution finished photos for personal use. it takes me about two weeks to finish the pictures.


the major no-no is clothing that displays a brand or illustration prominently, due to copyright issues. also, any form of sexual or other harassment is strictly prohibited.


there is no exchange of money in the photoshoot, but you are welcome to enjoy the finished photos for personal use like posting on social media and your linkedin!