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2018-19 Season

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South Sound USBC Youth Tournament Rules

Adopted and approved for the 2018-19 Season by the SSUSBC Youth Committee

  1. SMART Program
  2. Dress Code
  3. Electronics
  4. Live Scoring, Conflicts, Position Round rules and Protests
  5. Bowlers arriving late / Delay of Game
  6. Ball surface
  7. Grip spray / EZ Slide
  8. Shoe surface - USBC Rule #12
  9. Miss conduct / Poor Sportsmanship
  10. Coaching
  11. Ties
  12. RVP Badge Requirements
  13. Photography Release

These rules apply to ALL South Sound USBC Youth Tournaments unless otherwise stated on the tournament entry form. Additional rules for KOH, Coronation and All Stars will take precedence in the event of a conflict.  



  1. The SMART Program – Account #9009, will administer scholarship funds.  Scholarship fund will be awarded 100%.  All added scholarship money will be prorated per division.  For information contact SMART at smart@bowl.com or 800-514-2695 ext. 8968.

  1. Dress attire must be neat, clean and proper fitting.  Collared shirts, SSUSBC or USBC official youth jersey and slacks are preferred.  Bermuda shorts, capris or skorts may also be worn.  Skorts and shorts must be to the mid thigh when arms held down to the side.  Spandex leggings, exercise wear, basketball shorts, blue jeans, short shirts that show the midsection and hats will not be permitted.  Youth participants shall not wear apparel or use bowling equipment depicting racial, political, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, an illegal substance or inappropriate language/gestures or offensive subject matter.  They will not be permitted during competition.  Violators will be subject to disqualification and entry fee forfeiture.  Tournament Manager or designated dress code enforcement volunteers must approve any/all exceptions and the Tournament Manager’s decision is final.

  1. Electronic Devices:  May only be used in the concourse area during competition.  Bowlers must be able to hear the officials and Bowling Center personnel’s instructions while on the approach.  Bowlers not ready to bowl may be penalized with a delay of game and receive a zero for that frame.
  2. We are proud to be able to provide Live Unofficial standings during the tournaments.  A free service to our bowlers that allows us to enter in scores from the lanes and display them through our Website to allow spectators to follow along on their mobile devices and computers.  Unlike the old way of getting results after the competition was finished and the results had been verified.  Now we see things as they happen.  Since we are unable to verify scores until the competition is finished, we need everyone's help to make sure the scores are being entered correctly.  If you see something that you think is not correct please report it to one of our volunteers.  See Something Say Something! We will do our best to correct the problem. 
  1. Tournaments with position rounds, matchplay or step ladder finals:  Any protest MUST be filed before the beginning of the position round matches or step ladder finals begin.  Errors with scores not protested may be corrected but the position round, matchplay or step ladder opponent lineup will remain unchanged and scores will stand as official scores for that game.
  2. All other conflicts with the general playing rules must be made to the tournament Manager no later than 30 minutes after completion of the tournament.  The tournament Manager will decide questionable errors.  Any protests must be confirmed in writing to the South Sound USBC Association within 72 hours.  Each protest under this rule must be specific in itself.

  1. Bowlers arriving late shall begin play and score shall count beginning with the frame that is being bowled.  Frames missed shall be credited with a zero.  Delay of game:  A bowler not present and ready to bowl when it is his/her turn will be credited with a zero for that frame.

  1. Use of any cleaner, abrasive, polish or other substance that is designed to alter the balls surface (even to remove dirt or oil) may not be used after practice has ended or during competition without the prior approval of the tournament Manager.  A clean dry cloth is the ONLY thing allowed during competition.

  1. Grip spray, EZSlide, rosin, talcum powder or substances that may be transferred to the floor or other competitors equipment must not be applied in the settee area or on the approach.  Other bowlers on the lane may file a verbal protest and you could be disqualified.

  1. Use of shoe spray, TruSlide, MasterSlide, Ezslide, Slide Stone or like substance is prohibited to be applied to the bottom of your shoes and the approach or other bowling center surfaces and is in violation of USBC Rule #12.  Other bowlers on the lane may file a verbal protest and you could be disqualified.  Ask the Tournament Manager about your options.

  1. Misconduct/Poor Sportsmanship on or off the lanes during the tournament competition will NOT be tolerated.  This can result in disqualification from the tournament and forfeiture of entry fee & position.  The rule will be enforced at the discretion of the Tournament Manager.

  1. Coaching during competition is encouraged in the concourse area only.  Coaching must not be a distraction to the other bowlers.  ONLY tournament volunteers with current RVP badges are allowed in the settee and approach areas during practice and competition.  Tournament Manager’s discretion will dictate appropriate interaction and  Tournament Manager’s decisions are final.

  1. Ties shall be resolved with a 9th & 10th frame roll off with no practice balls, unless specific tournament rules support practice balls.  The roll off may occur on a different pair of lanes than the tie occured on at the Tournament Manager’s discretion until the tie is broken.

  1. RVP Badge requirements:  ALL volunteers MUST have a Current RVP Badge on while supporting tournament activities.

  1. Photography Release:  You agree, by your child's participation in a South Sound USBC Youth Tournament that you grant South Sound USBC license to use your images on our website, social media and printed materials.
  1. If you DO NOT agree to be photographed please contact the Tournament Manager at check-in and we will remove or blur the images of your faces.



Please sign up to volunteer at one of our tournaments.


“Live Tournament Standings” and Lane assignments for prepaid bowlers will be available at:  SouthSoundUSBC.com

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Approved by Youth Committee 8-13-2018. Approved by Board 8/20/18