CC meetings in October and November

11 September 2019

From: Community Councils <>

To: "Harald Tobermann, LCCC" <>


Thank you for your email.  I am happy to try to clarify things with respect to your meetings in the coming months.  We are now in the nomination period for Community Councils.  This ends at 4pm on 30 September.  The current community council continues until that time.  At that point if there are sufficient validly nominated candidates to allow the council to be formed but no more than the maximum as determined in the Scheme then the election will be complete and those candidates will be deemed as elected.  The Council will then be able to have its first meeting, initially chaired by the RO,  at which office bearers would be appointed and normal business conducted.

Should there be a need for a poll, i.e., if there were more validly nominated candidates than the maximum number indicated in the Scheme then the poll would be held on 31 October. In the interim between 30 September when the current community council demits office and 31 October when the new one is elected there will be no formal community council in place.  Hence the proposed 21 October meeting would not be official.  However should there be urgent business in that period or if agendas would need to be planned these could perhaps be undertaken on an informal basis by the nominated candidates with any decisions to be ratified later by the formal community council at its November meeting.

There should be no problem with the proposed November meeting.



From: Harald Tobermann, LCCC <>
Sent: 11 September 2019 08:25
To: Community Councils <>; Chris Highcock <>
Subject: CC meetings in October and November

Dear Ross and Chris

please advise how we should conduct meetings in October and November, scheduled for the 21st and 18th respectively. We have a number of urgent requests for pre-application consultations for major developments in our area and need to plan agendas for the next few months.

If there is no election, when will this be known? Can we schedule normal business immediately after the constituting meeting (presumably chaired by the returning officer)?

If there is an election, will we have a normal CC meeting in October?

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best wishes


Harald Tobermann
Vice Chair
Leith Central Community Council