General Membership Meeting Agenda

January 15, 2019

Location: EVE Library

Total members present: (attach copy of sign in)

  1. Call to order and welcome Kim A called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

Kim introduced all the board members as we had several visitng parents in attendence for the lego legue presentation.

  1. Approval of Agenda change: the next meeting will be Wed. 2/13. All were in favor to approve the agenda.
  2. Approval of previous month Minutes


Guest presentation:  East Vincent Elem. First Lego League

        Teachers: Miss Mitton and Mrs. DiPasqua

Kim introduced the Lego League.  Which is an after school program.

The students competed last month.  There are two teams: a rookie team (The Apollo Agents) and a veterans team. (team 3447 the gallelos)

Research, buidling,

“Coopertition”-cooperating with other teams  while competing  “Graciousprofessionalism” -you compete against problems and not people

The teams each gave a presentations. Then we took a walk to their room fir a demonstration.



Information point:  Reflections budget ($200) used for in-house art competition


Grant from local family for EV families in need (The ClayMir Foundation of the Chester County Community Foundation).

“The PTA working with the Principal will determine the recipients based on economic need, etc.  We would like the funds disbursed by the PTA directly to vendors to meet family financial need. The ClayMir Foundation would like to be kept apprised of the use of the funds (noting that the families who receive the support will remain confidential).ClayMir Foundation of the Chester County Community Foundation.”

Wendy received a check for $2000 from the local family. Ms Seeley will confidentially designate these funds to families in need within the school.

Social Media Info night - sponssored by PTA (Feb ?, EV Library, 7pm?)

Will be held in the library either 2/4 or 2/6.

Nominating Committee  - need 3 people.

        -a question was asked about how to have a nomination since this position was expanded into three roles. This will be a discussion to have with the nominating committee.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT nothing to report at this time

2ND VICE PRESIDENT nothing to report at this time

RECORDING SECRETARY nothing to report at this time 


        -Ms Seeley would email the families of the school to let them about the website and about the option to participate or opt out of the school wide directory.

        - a suggestion was made to have a hard copy form sent home with each student to have families to respond yes or no to participating in the PT Board site due to some families being non respondant to emails

Committee/Events update:

Holiday Shop final numbers - Steph Abate

-6-8pm for younger students? 8-9pm only for older student?

-it will be an 80’s glow dance theme with a DJ

Movie Night update - Lindy Rolston (1/25, doors open at 5:45pm; movie starts at 6:15pm)

Dahlia made the second. All were in favor there were no oppositions or abstentions.

School Store update - Kellie Moore and Kathy O’Flynn

Hershey Park Ticket Sales- Lindy Rolston

Reading Fightin’ Phils ticket sales (Feb 4-22) - Amy Simon

Website info - PT Board (shared by Andrea Maneval)

Jack Rowley Shade Structure update  - Kim A.

        $1000 collection from EV staff; bids; letter to families; GoFundMe

Publishing Center update - Kim A.

The goal is to have all set up by Jan. 30th and be up and running some time in February.

Kim will be giving an infomercial about what the publishing center is.



  1. Open the floor to any questions and/or comments
  2. Next meeting date is Feb. 13th - WEDNESDAY

VII..        ADJOURNMENT 8:56pm all were in favor.