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Jessamine County Schools Vision

Our district vision is a declaration of what we ultimately want to see for our students:

Jessamine County Schools exists to motivate and challenge every child every day to be a caring, responsible citizen, and a high-level thinker, performer, communicator, and learner for life.

Our mission statement answers the question, “How do we make our vision a reality?” and helps us reach the ideals set forth in our vision:

Our goal is to

  Meet each student’s learning needs—Provide a challenging, age-appropriate curriculum, ensuring that students are prepared to transition to their next learning opportunity;  

  Help students find their passion and purpose in life—Provide opportunities for exploration in curriculum, career, extracurricular, and service areas.  Utilize technology and the Arts to meet individual learning needs and ensure that the needs of the whole student are met;

Provide a safe and healthy culture—Meet the mental, physical, and emotional needs of students in a safe and positive environment.

In order to reach our goal, we promise to

  Provide a high quality staff—Ensure that the district is a place where the best employees want to work by recruiting, supporting, and retaining high quality staff;

  Allocate resources in a student-focused manner—Ensure that expenditures are based on students’ needs, ultimately benefiting each student;

 Communicate in a thorough, meaningful, and interactive wayEnsure that students, families, staff, and community are well-informed and engaged in the life of the district.

Core values are the principles that dictate our behavior.  They are the foundation from which we make our decisions.