January 17, 2022 SVMUG

How to Use Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

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NSO Group (Pegasus) in Financial Trouble

                        US Gov’t Warns re Pegasus Spyware, AKA NSO Group

                        El Salvador Journalists Targeted w/Pegasus, AKA NSO

Log4J Explainer

MSFT & Adobe Patch Tuesday (Dec.) & More on Log4J

Russia Arrests REvil Hackers - Maybe

Detail re a Fixed Bug - & Alert on Older OS’s

Questions about iOS 14 Security Updates

China Punishes Alibaba for Revealing Log4J Flaw to Vendor First

AirTags Can Be Used to Track….. But…

AirTag ‘Tracking App’ for Android Released

WhatsApp Now Hides ‘Last Seen’ Status from Unknowns

                        How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Apple’s Messages

Messages’ Read Receipts’ Not Working Properly for Some

Apple’s Private Relay Upsets Carriers?

Carriers Say They’re NOT Blocking Private Relay

How ‘Private Relay’ Keeps You Safe

No ReBoot Bug in iOS - Very Clever

Instagram Copyright Scams 

Norton Antivirus Includes a Crypto Miner - Not Good




AAPL to Report Q1 Earnings, Jan. 27, 2022 2PM

Apple Responds to Antitrust Filing in India

Apple Settles Employee Bag Check Suit

Apple to Allow Alt Payment Methods in Korea

Lawsuit Says Google Pays Apple Not to Search

Remote Annual Meeting Set for March 4

AAPL Reaches $3T Valuation - Then Goes Down

Apple #1 in 5G Shipments

Tim Cook Gets $98.7 Million in 2021


General News:

Apple Employees Must Be Boosted or Tested

And Now, Chip Engineer Shortage

Apple on Top for Phone Sales in China (Nov. ’21)

iPhone Supply Improves

Mac Grows Up to 28% in 2021

Protests & Arrests @ Foxconn iPhone Plant in India

Foxconn/India iPhone Plant Reopening

Some Apple Engineers Get Bonuses to Stay

Some Apple Stores Closed/Limited - COVID

USPS Now Accepts ApplePay Online & in App

Apple Pulls ‘Wordle’ Copycats from App Store


Apple’s Polishing Cloth Back in Stock

New Offerings for Apple Fitness+ for 2022

BlackBerry Devices go Dark

15th Anniversary for iPhone

More Apple App Dev’s Reach $1Mil in Revenue

How to Set Up a ‘Legacy Contact’

How to Set Up ‘Account Recovery’ Contacts

USB Cable Explainer



                                                                        MOST Include *SECURITY* UPDATES

iOS 15.2, 15.2.1

iPad OS 15.2, 15.2.1

macOS 12.1 Monterey

Link with New Features Explained

watchOS 8.3

tvOS         15.2

‘Items That Can Track Me’ Feature Pulled from iOS 15.2



27” iMac w/‘M’ Chip?

Korean Suppliers Prep for Apple Car

VR Glasses This Year

Maybe No VR Glasses in 2022?

Apple to Broadcast Live Sports?

Lynda Gousha 1/17/2022