February 21, 2022 SVMUG

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Apple Zero Day Security Issues Fixed

Google Announces Chrome Zero Day Fixed

NSO (Pegasus) Could Have Been Used in Israel

IRS to Stop Using Biometrics

Instagram Adds Security Features You Need to Activate

Meta (FB) Threatens to Leave Europe

Apple’s ATT Hits FB & Other Stock Prices

                                Apple’s Effect on FB Earnings

Safari to Stop Saving Passwrds w/out User Names

Three Trackers (incl AirTag) Compared by NYT

                                AirTags & Privacy Scroll to Deep Dive 1

                                Apple Improving AirTag Privacy

Google’s Ad Privacy Plans Questioned

T2 Macs Less Secure Due to New Cracking Methods

Zoom Mic Issues Fixed?

Zoom Users Question Fix of Microphone Issue




AAPL Annual Meeting March 4, 2022

Apple Reports Q1 Earnings

                        Hints from Apple’s Call w/Analysts 

Apple Slams Side Loading Bill Now in US Senate

Praise for Apple from Berkshire Hathaway

Apple & Ericsson Trial re Patent Dispute in ’23

Apple’s Continuing Troubles in Nederland

                                Origins of Dutch App Dispute: Epic

US Gov’t Using Lots of Cellebrite Devices


General News:

‘Unrest’ Among Some Apple Employees

Apple at the Top of Fortune’s ‘Most Admired Companies’

Apple Offers Screening for CODA for Free

                                        For Tickets

OtterBox OtterSpots May Have Flawed Batteries

Apple Increases Benefits for Retail

Apple Increases Pay for Retail Workers

FDA Clears App for Delivering Insulin

Apple ‘Obsoletes’ 2012 iPad (4th Gen)

Foxconn Says Supply Chain Getting Better (?)

Apple Dominates US Headphone Market

Apple’s Safari Team Asks for ‘Serious’ Feedback

Apple to Offer ‘Tap to Pay’ for Businesses

Apple Opens All Female Coding School for Saudis




                        **Assume All are Security Updates**


iOS 15.3.1

iPadOS 15.3.1        

macOS Big Sur 11.6.4

macOS Catalina Security Update

Safari 15.3 macOS Big Sur & Catalina

macOS Monterey 12.2.1

watchOS 8.4.2

tvOS 15.3

Apple Support App 4.5



27” iMac w/‘M’ Chip?

March Apple Event Rumored

Which Mac(s) Will be Released in March Event?

Apple Classical Music App Coming Soon?

Apple AR Headset to Run ‘realityOS’

Lynda Gousha 2/21/2022