SVMUG meeting notes

November 16, 2020


November 16, 2020 SVMUG

Ten types of Questions You Can Ask Siri



COVID 19 Notification Info I - for DC

COVID 19 Notification Info II - App Updated

Zoom Updates for Encryption on Video Calls

Zero-Day in Chrome - UPDATE PLEASE

Flash Update - Last One?

High Profile Twitter Hack - Password Security

Apple Notarized Mac Malware - Again 

Wired Warns of Amazon Privacy Risk

Apple App Privacy Improvements Coming Soon

HP Breaks Its Mac Printer Drivers

Security Update for Adobe Acrobat & Reader

How Quantum Computers Will Affect Security

Explanation of App Issues w/Big Sur Install***

Apple Says Anti-Malware Features Don’t Spy.


Apple 4th Quarter 2020 Results

Apple Puts Pegatron ‘on Probation’

Google/Apple Deal a DoJ Major Concern


General News:

Apple Experiences macOS Installation Failures

Some Older MBPs Bricked by Big Sur Update

Apple ‘One More Thing’ Event

M1 MBA Outperforms 16” MBP

New Apple Valley Fair Store Open

iOS Apps Will Run on Apple Silicon Macs, But…

Apple Will Fix ‘Crackling’ AirPods

Apple TV App Now Available on PS4 & PS5

Some, Using iPhones 12, are Missing Group Texts.

FDA clears the Apple watch App for Treating PTSD Nightmares

Apple MagSafe Charger Can Leave Rings on Cases

Pandora Now Available on HomePods

Charlie Brown Moves to Apple TV+



iOS 14.2 & iPadOS 14.2 - Security

HomePod 14.2


For Older Watches, watchOS 6.2.9 & 5.3.9

tvOS 14.2 - Security

For Older Apple TVs tvOS 8.4.3

macOS 10.15.7

macOS 11.0.1 Big Sur - List of Supported Macs

M/soft 365 & Office Updated for Big Sur & Apple Silicon

iWork, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro

iMovie & GarageBand for iOS

Clips 3.0



Apple Developing a Rival Search Engine?

Apple’s ‘Air Tags’ - ???

Lynda Gousha 11/16/20