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VoteForce - User Guide
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An app to share your message broadly and quickly through trusted sources. VoteForce uses peer-to-peer texting to share your message with others, who can then share it further to their own list of contacts. People can choose who they want to share your message with and also personalize it with their own comments.

The solution consists of:
Console - where the campaign manager creates their group and the messages to share

App - which supporters use to retrieve and share messages with their friends.

Users immediately see new messages that the campaign manager has added in the console.

How it works

Users download the free VoteForce app from the AppStore.

A version of VoteForce is planned for Android devices as well.

Privacy Policy

The user is asked to accept the Privacy Policy before proceeding. It describes the conditions and terms of using the app and is subject to change.


The first time it is installed, it asks the user for their:

This information is used to provide individuals with only messages from their group. Groups can be campaigns, advocacy groups, or nonprofits. The sub-groups could be,for example, state chapters of these organizations. Interests could be things such as voting rights, social justice, and women’s rights.

Messages to share

When the app is launched, the user is presented with the messages(s) that the campaign organizer has created. The organizer can edit or add new messages at any time in the console. The user chooses the message that they would like to share with their friends from a pull down menu.

The content of the message to be shared is shown once a message has been selected.

The messages that a user sees are determined by the group they choose when they register. They will be shown all the messages that their group’s campaign manager has entered.

Choose friends to text

Once the user has picked a message to text, their phone’s address book appears and they are asked to choose who they would like to text. They can pick one or multiple people.

The user is presented all the people they chose from their address book. They can choose to add or drop more names from the list.

When they hit SEND, all the people chosen are sent the message. The message goes from the volunteer’s phone as a personal text message.

The user gets an acknowledgement that the message has been successfully sent.


In the iPhone Settings:




Managing VoteForce for Organizers

Authorized groups are added to the list of choices that an app user is presented with when they install the app.

They can also add Interests that the user can choose from.

Groups can also define their own sub-groups to better target the messages to their users.

These choices are stored along with the user’s contact details and used to provide messages that correspond to their preferences.

Adding messages to share

Group managers can add messages that they want their users to share. These messages can be edited when needed and  new messages can be added. All the latest messages are immediately shown to users when they launch their app.

User preferences

User’s preferences are saved as they register to use their apps. This information is used to provide them messages that correspond to their group and interest.

Planned enhancements

VoteForce will be extended to allow group managers to alert their users when they have posted a new message. The user will get a notification through their app that they should see what new message is available.

This will enable groups to quickly mobilize their supporters and share the new message with their friends.


Appendix - Demos