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Javascript Learning Resource
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Why Learn Javascript?

Five words: world's most popular programming language. If you’re interested in website development, this is the most important programming language to know! Don’t confuse Javascript with java as JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by professional developers today. Even back-end developers choose JavaScript more often than not. It’s the default language of the internet and very valuable for game designers (perfect for a hackathon…) It’s also easy to learn! is a resource built by the Pluralsight team for the JavaScript community. It’s a great way to learn Javascript for the first time, and has over a million libraries. (after opening the link, press the Learn button to start!)

W3Schools JavaScript

A mix of tutorials and interactive features! Has many tutorials/references on almost every aspect of javascript (personally, we use this resource all the time)

CodeAcademy JavaScript

This website has super interactive features, and a plus side is you don’t need an IDE/to download anything!

Learn JavaScript

Learn JavaScript consists of lessons (save your own notes), practices (real-world applications) and review with flashcards (over 250+) Another thing is it can help you stay motivated to learn with its progress streaks


It’s free and has good reviews! You can save your progress and come back later. Create a free account using a personal email, and pick Javascript algorithms


This consists of 30 videos, and 30 files that can help you better understand javascript (tip: you could look at one video a day for a month!)


Learn to code and create your own web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in this interactive web development course for beginners. Instead of watching videos and wondering how to translate those videos into real code, you'll be practicing what you learn through interactive...

JavaScript in an hour

This YouTube video covers many of the basics there are to JavaScript (great if you’re stressed on time)

Why did we choose these resources?

Many of these resources are great and useful even if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning javascript. For example, the last link we provided is an hour YouTube video! If you’re looking for more practice or resources, don’t be afraid to search for them on the internet or reach out to a person who has more experience!