Now after describing this Arjuna will give another reason:

So Arjuna has given various reasons first he gave reason for compassion, how can I kill others then he gave reason as enjoyment, how can I enjoy with all my relatives killed now he is going for another reasons and saying what about sinful reactions? We kill our own relatives we get sinful reactions.

27-46 Arjuna’s lamentation (28 – 46) (some Acharya used the word Arjun Vishad Yoga)

36-38 fear of sinful reactions

Bg 1.36

pāpam evāśrayed asmān
hatvaitān ātatāyina
tasmān nārhā vaya hantu
dhārtarāṣṭrān sa-bāndhavān
sva-jana hi katha hatvā
sukhina syāma mādhava

Word for word: 

pāpam — vices; eva — certainly; āśrayet — must come upon; asmān — us; hatvā — by killing; etān — all these;ātatāyina — aggressors; tasmāt — therefore; na — never; arhāḥ — deserving; vayam — we; hantum — to kill;dhārtarāṣṭrān — the sons of Dhtarāṣṭra; sa-bāndhavān — along with friends; sva-janam — kinsmen; hi — certainly; katham — how; hatvā — by killing; sukhina — happy; syāma — will we become; mādhava — O Kṛṣṇa, husband of the goddess of fortune.


Sin will overcome us if we slay such aggressors. Therefore it is not proper for us to kill the sons of Dhtarāṣṭra and our friends. What should we gain, O Kṛṣṇa, husband of the goddess of fortune, and how could we be happy by killing our own kinsmen?

pāpam evāśrayed asmān, we will be taking shelter of Papa, it will come upon us, actually generally we talk about Asraya in positive sense but actually to take shelter of papa means let papa come upon us, papa will cover us to so it is not a shelter but it is a burden. So shelter is used in that sense here.

hatvaitān ātatāyina, if we will kill these ātatāyina, ata means stretched tai means bow so ātatāyina means those who come with stretched bow means those who are aggressors those who come with the intention to destroy or kill.

tasmān nārhā vaya hantu, tasmān, therefore we should not kill them because we will get sin, nārhā vaya hantu, it is not appropriate for us to kill them.

dhārtarāṣṭrān sa-bāndhavān, so sons of Dhritarashtra and other relatives we should not kill them,

If we kill them sva-jana hi katha hatvā, this is 3rd time Arjuna is using the word sva-jana, they are all my relatives how can I kill them,

sukhina syāma mādhava, O Madhava what happiness can we get?Again the name Madhava is significant over here, Madhava refers to Krishna as Lord of goddess of fortune, so when He is Lord of Goddess of fortune that means He is bestower of fortune. The one who bestows the fortune she is on His side, she is her internal potency so wherever He is there is good fortune.

So Arjuna implication over here is why are you bringing misfortune upon me Lord, so Srila Prabhupada writes in Purport that God is all auspicious, God never desire harm for anyone, Krishna never ever brings misfortune to anyone to say nothing of his devotees but sometime we may feel that God is bringing misfortune.

So we have to understand that Sri Krishna’s action may not be pleasant but they are always benevolent, pleasant means that which feels good, benevolent means that which does good, like a surgeon who does surgery in the body. Similarly the surgical knife of Krishna is cutting, attachment, the bodily misconception, the illusion which has come from bodily misconception so this is going to bring supreme fortune for Arjuna.

Srila Prabhupada has explained what are the ātatāyina:

Now we can see that Pandavas has suffered in all six ways from Kauravas that means Kauravas were ātatāyina.

There are six kinds of aggressors: (1) a poison giver [Duryodhana given poison to Bhima], (2) one who sets re to the house, [Lakshagriha] (3) one who attacks with deadly weapons [when Pandavas were sent to exile Duryodhana planned to attack them with full army that time Vyasa deva came and cursed that if he will dare this he is cursed to be destroyed, Abhimanyu Killing, Ashwathama killed the sons of Draupadi and tried to kill Maharaj Parikshit in womb], (4) one who plunders riches, [gambling match – those who are staking the wealth should play not that other person stakes the wealth and another person plays ](5) one who occupies another’s land, [same as previous point] and (6) one who kidnaps someone’s wife [Dushashana tried to disrobe Draupadi, Karna’s remark, Duryodhana’s showing his thigh etc, Jayadratha tried to kidnap her].

Such attackers are already done bad karma and they deserve to be punished so the punishment to such crime is capital punishment and for killing them there is not bad reaction, and if a Kshetriya doesn’t kill them that person will get karma reaction in future life but Kshetriya will also get some reaction as he fails to administer them by giving proper punishment.

Here they are aggressors and relatives so as per culture relatives should be protected so that is Arjuna’s confusion shall he act as per Kshatriya Dharma or Kula Dharma. So he is thinking Kula dharma is more important. Kshatriya has to show saintliness in different ways as Lord Ram has punished Ravan.