Design by  D.D. O’Brien  -  Art by Lachlan Bourne


2 Players, Ages 10+, 20 Minutes  (COMPONENTS: 54 Cards)


Pick a color & place your dual-sided Face Card, Stubble side up, allowing enough space to grow your beard. Shuffle all cards and deal each dwarf 6 cards, keeping them secret from each other. Place the remaining cards nearby in a face-down pile, this is the Draw Deck. Who ever used a comb last is the 1st Player for start of the game. All actions and turns begin with the 1st Player.


Play cards from your Hand to form a 'fuzzy' column of cards, placing Beard Cards overlapping in sequential-descending order, under your own Face Card. Highest printed Years at the top, lowest printed Years at the bottom.

The Very-Bottom-Rule: cards can only be added to the very-bottom of your Beard. (The Magic Comb Card allows you to ignore this rule.)

You may do any ONE of the following actions on your turn (or pass):

Discard up to 3 Silvers, Braid Rings and/or Grooming Cards from your Hand, to draw that many cards from the draw deck. Then add them to your Hand. *Form the Discard Pile in a single column laid out so both dwarves can see all the cards (similar to how the Beards are formed), face up & within reach.

Add any number of your Beard Cards to your own Beard from your Hand. You may also add your Braid Ring Card if you have at least 1 Beard Card on your Beard and/or your Face Card is on the Scruff side.

Discard 1 Grooming Card plus 1 Silver Card to apply the effect on the Grooming Card.

If you have a Braid Ring on your Beard, you may place up to 3 Silver Cards on it. These cards are considered to be Stashed. You may discard these like normal, on your turn to use

Grooming Cards or to “Pluck” cards from the Draw Deck.

*Discarding 3 of your own Stashed Silvers allows you to flip over a Face Card. You may even flip over the other dwarf’s Face Card!

When both dwarves have passed consecutively on their turn, the round is over:

Each dwarf may discard any unwanted cards from their Hand, for no effect. Starting with the 1st Player, both dwarves draw cards from the draw deck until the maximum of 6, is reached.

Last, the dwarf with the lowest total of years on their Beard chooses the 1st Player for the next round and play continues.


Two ways to win:

  1. At the end of a round, if Beard has of a total of 1,000+ years, that dwarf is the winner. The highest total wins, in the case both dwarves each have 1,000+ years*.

  1. When the draw deck is depleted, the dwarf with the highest total of years on Beard wins at the end of the round. (If this happens while dealing cards, reshuffle the discard pile to complete the deal out. Finish the last round before totaling years to determine the winner.)

*Most Stashed Silver breaks the second tie. If a tie persists, the dwarf with the most number of cards on Beard wins. For a final tie breaker, each dwarf draws a card: highest printed number wins.  Alternatively for fun, the player with the longest whiskers wins.

Beard Cards 

Beard Cards have numbers (Years) printed 50, 100, 150 & 200 (Years).

50 x4  100 x4  150 x3  200 x1  For each dwarf/color.

Braid Rings

A Braid Ring on your Beard allows you to Stash Silver on it.

x1  For each dwarf/color.

The Knot

When you draw the Knot, immediately add it to the bottom of your Beard and redraw another card.

No cards can be added to a Beard when it has the Knot. Knots are removed from your Beard first, before Braid Ring/Beard Cards by the effects of the Candle, Scissors and Axe.

You “can-knot” win the game with the Knot on your Beard.




Stashed Silver Cards are removed from your Beard first, before Braid Ring/Beard Cards by the effects of the Candle Singe and Axe Whack.



(Discard 1 Silver Card to apply the effect)

Magic Comb x4

Add up to 3 Beard Cards from your Hand on your own Beard, ignoring the Very-Bottom-Rule.


Purple Potion x4

Search the Discard Pile for any 1 card and add it to your Hand.


Scissors Slice x1

Select the bottom card on a Beard and remove it from the game. If this card is a Braid Ring, discard it instead. Face Cards are not affected.

Whisker Wizard x1

Select any 1 Beard Card on a Beard and remove it from the game. If this card is a Braid Ring, discard it instead.


Candle  Singe x1

Discard the bottom card on both Beards. If the Scruff is either of these, flip it instead. Braid Rings are not affected. (Remember to “burn” Stashed Silvers first.)


Axe Whack x1

Remove the bottom 2 cards on a Beard, from the game. If one of these cards is a Face Card on the Scruff side, flip it instead. If one of these cards is a Braid Ring, discard it instead)

If both discarded cards are Silvers, you may also flip a Face Card.