WFTDA Events Standards and Values in Action PlanWFTDALogoWhiteBkrd2010.jpg

Updated March 2019

As an organization that is global in scope, the WFTDA recognizes that there are many cultural differences and norms that make up our membership. In addition, the WFTDA has its own set of values that it upholds, regardless of global location. The below is a set of standards and values that will help the WFTDA, our partner and member organizations and our community to meet the expectations set forth by the official WFTDA Code of Conduct, and the expectations of the WFTDA membership.

  1. All contractors will be provided with resources from the WFTDA on basic cultural competency training on LGBTQ inclusivity and diversity.
  2. Any WFTDA venue or venue provided by host league (including official hotel,  official venue, official host-run after parties, etc.) will have at least one main restroom (multiple stall or single stall, where applicable) designated as Gender Neutral and remain so throughout the entirety of the event. This restroom(s) must be a restroom on a main thoroughfare, lobby, or other main gathering space for the venue and should be accessible to those with limited mobility.
  3. Host leagues will work with the WFTDA venue or venue provided by host league to ensure accessibility (wheelchair access, service animals, deaf and hard of hearing accommodations, etc.), with guidance from the WFTDA and/or local agencies.
  4. The WFTDA will work with host leagues to designate an Inclusion and Standards Manager, a high-level trained, volunteer position which will be onsite and available to mediate and mitigate any issues that could arise.
  5. The WFTDA will issue a land acknowledgement statement, which will include indigenous history of the areas we are inhabiting, the history of racial injustice and trans and LGB discrimination.
  6. At all  WFTDA venues or venues provided by host league there will be a designated space that is free from substance, a place where community members can come for comfort, quiet, and resources.
  7. Host leagues will be asked to audit hospitals and urgent care locations for up to date cultural competency standards and provide a list of vetted locations near to the event venue.
  8. Host leagues will be asked to audit and make recommendations for social activities in the area, inclusive of both bars/restaurants and coffee shops, diners etc. that are alcohol-free.
  9. Host leagues should consider cultural implications and appropriateness, language and content when reviewing music (both live and pre-recorded) and halftime entertainment.
  10. Host leagues should review recycling initiatives with venues, and consider green options, such as water stations instead of individual plastic water bottles and compostable options for disposable wares.
  11. Host leagues are encouraged to connect with local agencies and community based organizations to collaborate on resources and advocacy opportunities within the local community.