Tairangi School Procedure Statement

LIBRARY        NAG 1 Curriculum

        NAG 2 Self Review

        NAG 3 Personnel

        NAG 4 Finance

Rationale for the Library

Tairangi Library contributes to student achievement through supporting the school’s learning and teaching programmes, and through its print and online resources, services and programmes.

Purposes of the Library


Support for reading and Literacy

Support for Inquiry learning and Information Literacy Development

Strategic Management of the Library

Tairangi Library Development Plan

Library Management team

Financial Management

Collection Management

Day-to-day management of the library

Reviewing the library Management Statement

A review of this Library management Statement is carried out as part of the school’s policy cycle, to ensure that it continues to reflect the school’s philosophy, aims and objectives for the school library.


Reviewed August 2012

File:library1234.doc        Procedure Statement -  Library