Register of Business/Personal Interests for School Governors

Name of Governor/Associate Member:        Ghulan Rasul Shahzad OBE


Business Interests

Please provide details of the interest

Date interest ceased

Current Employment

No interest


Businesses (of which I am a partner/proprietor)

No interest


Company directorships

Director of the Rochdale Law Centre and Director of Castlemere Community Centre. Both a companies limited by Guarantee.


Charity trusteeships

No interest


Any other conflict

No interest


Personal Interests

Their name

Relationship to me

Nature of the interest


Immediate family/close connections to the governor  working in school

 No interest




Business involvement/ company directorships or trusteeships of family/close connections to the governor (e.g. a business the school might deal with)

 No interest




Other schools where I am a governor

Name of school

Position held

Date appointed / elected



Matthew Moss High School

Vice Chair




Record of Reviews (Clerk of Governors must distribute this form to the respective governor for amendment as necessary and signature annually)













Governor’s Signature