French Alps by e-bike 2019

Terms and Conditions

PROGRAM OPERATOR : The French Alps by e-bike program is run by Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd trading as Cyclerides ABN 72 089 163 717


Within 7 days of booking - non refundable deposit of $1000.00 pp due

On or before 30th April, 2019 - balance of package payment due

14th July 2019 - group transfer pick up from Lyon Airport or Grenoble Train (group 1)

14th- 21st July 2019 - French Alps by e-bike Group 1

21st July 2019 - group departure transfer drop off Grenoble train or Lyon airport (group 1)

21st July 2019 - group transfer pick up from Lyon Airport or Grenoble Train (group 2)

21st - 28th July 2019 - French Alps by e-bike Group 2

28th July 2019 - group departure transfer drop off Grenoble train or Lyon airport (group 2)

DEPOSIT: A non refundable deposit of $1000.00 pp is due at time of within 7 days of booking to secure your place.

BALANCE PAYMENT : The remaining balance and full payment of any extras is due on or before 30th April, 2019. All payments are non refundable.


Additional single room supplement - $300.00 total for 7 nights

CANCELLATION POLICY: All payments are non refundable. Any cancellations will incur the full cost of monies paid to date of cancellation.

LATE PAYMENTS:There will be a 14 day grace period for late payments, after this time the participant place will be cancelled and the participant will incur a cancellation fee equal to the monies paid to date.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: It is a company policy of Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd that all clients travelling with us have adequate travel insurance covering accident, personal injury, loss of luggage and cancellation.

LIABILITY: Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd are not liable for personal injury, death, damage to property or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellations, delays or any other matter beyond our control. Participants should insure against all such possibilities. All participants take part in all activities at their own risk.

ALTERATIONS: Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd reserve the right at any time to substitute alternative accommodation or to make any other alteration to the tours which become necessary due to circumstances beyond their control and undertake to inform participants as soon as possible.

TOUR PARTICIPANT: Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd reserve the right to decline, accept or retain any participant as a member of any tour party if his or her conduct is disruptive and affecting the enjoyment of other participants. Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd shall be under no liability for any extra cost incurred by such participant as a result of their doing.

It is also a condition that participants wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times while cycling.

CURRENCY FLUCTUATIONS : All prices are subject to increases and currency fluctuations until fully paid and may incur a currency surcharge based on the AUD/EUR rate at the time of payment. Working From Anywhere reserves the right to increase prices subject to these conditions.

PRICE: The tour price is based on a minimum of 2 participants sharing a room, the per person price will increase for single bookings, price on application for single share bookings.

The following terms and conditions also apply to any travel reservations handled by for Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd on behalf of any clients booking on a Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd Package.



“Operator Services” are all travel, accommodation and other associated services provided to you by a third party tour, travel, accommodation or other operator, but booked on your behalf by .

1.        AGENCY

In all matters relating to the Operator Services the Event Organizers acts as the agent of the party (the “Operator”) providing the Operator Services.   is not liable to you for any act, default or neglect of any kind by any Operator.


All reservations and arrangements made by  are for Operator Services supplied by third party operators.  Performance of the Contract is a matter between you and the Operator.  You may not rely any representations made by the Travel Agent that are inconsistent with the Contract, as the Travel Agent has no authority to make representations and warranties on behalf of any Operator and no representation made by the Travel Agent to you operates to vary the Contract.


Unless the Contract provides otherwise, all reservations (even if accompanied by a deposit or payment) are subject to confirmation.  When reservations are confirmed, you will be notified as soon as possible.  Where reservations cannot be confirmed, you will be offered the choice of alternative arrangements or the refund of any deposit payment.

4.        PAYMENT

You must make full payment for the Operator Services to the Travel Agent for remission to the Operator in Australian currency no later than the date for payment nominated by the Operator in the Contract.  Unless the Contract provides otherwise, time is of the essence for all payments.  Additional cost to you may result if payments, including for advance purchase fares, are not made by the due date.


All fares, schedules and other components of the Operator Services may be subject to change at any time according to the terms of the Contract.  All quotations are subject to review and correction by the Event Manager.  You should check all details before booking and again prior to departure.  Changes (including in exchange rates, airfares, taxes and other land costs) may affect the cost of the Operator Services.

6.        GST

If the supply of Operator Services to you under this Agreement is subject to Goods and Services Tax pursuant to the “A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) 1999” (the “GST”), then you must pay:

  1. the amount due for that supply; and
  2. an additional amount calculated by multiplying the amount due in sub-paragraph(a) hereof by the prevailing GST rate at the time.



You should check all Contracts with Operators carefully.  Some Operators may impose fees for cancellation/no show of any Operator Services, even if the cancellation results from the incapacity of the passengers or an increase in fares.  All cancellation fees are payable by you to the Operator under the terms of its Contract.  Refer also to clause 11 for fees payable to the Travel Agent upon cancellation.

8.        CLAIMS

If you notify the Event Manager of a claim against any Operator in respect of any Operator Services (the “Claim”), the Event Manager will assist you in advising the Operator of the nature of the Claim.  The Event Manager will account to you for any payments or other benefits the Event Manager receives on your behalf in respect of a Claim.

9.        INSURANCE

You should ensure that you obtain adequate travel insurance, particularly if there is no provision for a refund of payments in the event of cancellation or curtailment of Operator Services.  The policy should cover personal accident and sickness, accidental loss of baggage and money, loss of deposit / payment of cancellation fees and curtailment of expense.


“ Services” are those services which you request or instruct  to perform which are limited to:

  1. providing information and advice about the Operator Services to you;
  2. making, amending and confirming reservations and bookings of the Operator Services on your behalf;
  3. arranging for the processing of visa applications on your behalf; and
  4. other services offered from time to time that are ancillary or incidental to, but not part of, the Operator Services.


Working From Anywhere Pty Ltd will act as your agent only for the purposes of (i) making, amending and confirming reservations and bookings of Operator Services on your behalf at your request; and (ii) arranging for the processing of visa applications on your behalf on your request.  You acknowledge that the Travel Agent may receive commissions from Operators in relation to Operator Services provided to you.


In addition to any fees payable to Operators,  reserves the right to charge you service or administration fees for cancellation, amendments to existing bookings, reconfirmations, visa processing and couriers.

12.        GST

If the supply of  Services to you under this Agreement is subject to the GST then you must pay:

  1. the amount due for that supply; and
  2. an additional amount calculated by multiplying the amount due in sub-paragraph(a) hereof by the prevailing GST rate at that time.


 will use its best endeavors to ensure that you have the necessary travel documents applicable to their Operator Services.  The Travel Agent accepts no responsibility for any failure to do so.


To the extent permitted by law,  excludes all liability (whether in negligence, for breach of contract or otherwise) for any accident, damage, loss, expense, injury, sickness, death, cancellation, delay, detention, deviation, substitution or unforeseen event occurring in connection the Operator Services or the Travel Agent Services.


  gives no warranty as to the supply of the Operator Services or the Travel Agent Services.  Certain legislation may imply warranties or conditions or impose obligations upon the Operator which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified, except to a limited extent.  These Terms and Conditions must be read subject to those statutory provisions.  If those statutory provisions apply, then to the extent to which   is entitled to do so, its liability will be limited, at its option, to either the supply of the services again, or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.


Even though  is not aware of any conclusive evidence linking long haul flights to deep vein thrombosis (also widely referred to as “DVT” or “economy class syndrome”), for abundant caution  recommends that its customers from time to time during long haul flights (no matter what their class of travel) take care to: wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, drink some water, do some stretching and flexing exercises.

 customers who have any questions or concerns in relation to the possible dangers of deep vein thrombosis should consult their doctor well before their flight.


The Event Manager will endeavor to ensure that the published Event program is correct at the time of the actual Event. It may, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, be necessary to alter the program before the Event, and the Event Manager reserves the right to do so without notice. The Event Manager reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Event, in which case refunds for registrations will be issued to Attendees that have paid. Given serious cause outside the Event Managers influence, the Event Manager shall not be liable for any direct or indirect costs borne by the registered Attendees. In the event of any occurrence not foreseen in these ‘Terms and Conditions of Participation’, the decision of the Event Manager shall be final.


On 21 December 2001 a new legislative regime dealing with the way we handle personal information was introduced.

Working From Anywhere intends to treat your information in the following manner.

Working From Anywhere respects the privacy of its customers. The personal information Working From Anywhere collects is used for the purpose of meeting your travel requirements. The personal information  collects may include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card details (where you provide them) and any further information you volunteer to us. Where necessary to fulfill your requested travel requirements, we will provide personal information you provide to us, to airlines, tour companies, car hire agencies, hotels, restaurants, insurance providers and commercial partners.

Please be assured we will not disclose any personal information for any other purpose without your consent, except where the use or disclosure is required or authorised by or under law.  takes reasonable steps to protect any personal information it holds from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.  does not send unsolicited mail, nor does it sell, in whole or part, the personal information it collects and does not disclose it to other organisation, except as provided above.

The consequence of you not providing any information requested by  is that  may not be able to complete your travel arrangements, nor will it be able to contact you to advise of changes to your travel details.

On request, you are welcome to view the personal information that we hold about you. If you think that any personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, please contact us as below, and following authentication, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that is corrected.

Working From Anywhere

PO Box 7273

TATHRA   NSW  2550

Ph –                 02 8003 5279

Email –

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