CLASS DAY: Tuesday 8:00 Studio C

TEACHER:  Courtney  

COSTUME: Red lyrical dress, hair applique


SHOES: Freeforms

MAKE-UP: Foundation that matches your skin tone, finishing powder, mascara on upper and lower lashes, black eyeliner on upper lid. Eye Shadow: Charcoal Gray Lipstick: Plum Blush: to match lipstick

HAIR: Part hair over your left eye and pull back into a sleek low bun. Secure the hair applique to the left side of bun, above ear. Be sure to “criss cross” bobby pin so it stays in place.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Safety pin the clasp at the back of the neck. Do not rely on the “snaps” to hold the costume in place. Please use caution when putting this costume on. Do NOT pull at the sleeves but rather gently work them on. They will rip if you tug your costume on by the sleeves. Please wear a bra that doesn’t show in the open back area. Do not wear earrings, rings, bracelets, or any  No Underwear. Remove Tags from costumes. Keep costumes hung in garment bags and keep all costume pieces organized and labeled. Steam Costume to remove wrinkles.

SEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Some costumes may need alterations to fit. All alterations must be completed by picture day.

*Walgreens or Target stores are best to purchase specific eyeshadow and lipstick brands & colors.

We do not have any “extra gloves, hair pieces, shoe bows etc” so please keep all costumes together and in a secure place.