September 12: HMMS Open House 6:30-7:30pm

September 19: School Photo Day


This Tuesday we had our first school assembly!  We hold assemblies generally once or twice a month on Tuesdays with the purpose of bringing our school community together, having fun, and featuring something interesting or important.

This week’s assembly we discussed our school guideposts, which were developed as a whole school community about five years and which we have posted throughout the school.  Mrs. Bonnett led our students in thinking about what each guidepost would look like, sound like, and feel like when we are living it at HMMS.  It was a good reminder for our returning students and a good introduction for our incoming 6th graders--who were amazing jumping right in to stand up and share what they believed each guidepost meant!

After our guidepost discussion, we played a student vs. staff game of football basketball--and the kids completely wiped the floor with the staff!  

Our assemblies are a great way to bring us all together--not as different teams or different grades, but as one school.  We are looking forward to many more great assemblies this year!

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NEW Proficiency Based Reporting at HMMS!

This year HMMS is reporting through proficiency scores as we continue on our journey of proficiency based learning.  What does this mean for families?  Rather than students receiving one A-F grade for each of their courses, students will receive two different scores.  

The first is the content that will be scored as:

E- “Exceeding the standards”

P- “Proficient at the standards”

D- “Developing in the standards”

B- “Beginning in the standards.

These scores will reflect how students are doing on mastering the content in their classes.

The second is the work habits scores, which will be scored at least once every two weeks.  Work habits will be based on this rubric.  Work habits will be scored as:

C- Consistently

S- Sometimes

R- Rarely

We will be hosting an informational session about the new proficiency based reporting system as part of Open House on September 12th, so please join us to learn more!

Open House

This year’s Open House will be a different format than in the past at HMMS.  The building will be open from 6:30-7:10pm for you to come, tour your child(ren)’s classes and meet teachers.  At 7:10pm, we will call everyone down to the gym and be giving a short presentation about our new proficiency based reporting at HMMS.  We hope that this format gives parents and students more flexibility in meeting with teachers without following a rigid schedule, as we know this can be difficult for parents with multiple children or with other after school commitments that means they cannot arrive right at 6:30.  It also gives us an opportunity to share information with you about our shift to proficiency based reporting.  We hope that you and your child(ren) will join us next Thursday!

Emergency Language

Please take a look at this handout that reviews the language being used by the school district in emergencies.  This handout differentiates between different commands such as “Lockout,” “Lockdown,” “Evacuate,” and “Shelter” and gives examples of when these different commands may be used at school.  If you have questions about our safety procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact Heather Cleveland, Assistant Principal.

Hartford Cheerleading

Registration is now open through the Hartford Rec Department for Middle School Cheerleading.  We are excited that this will be an option this year for our 6th through 8th graders, building on the success of the growing elementary program and allowing middle school students to continue developing their skills!  

Rock Climbing Club

We are excited to announce that the middle school rock climbing club is back this year!  If your child may be interested in learning more or joining the group, please check out this information.  Email Hannah Prescott at prescotth@hartfordschools.net with any questions.