Winter Storm Relief Fund for Bachman Lake Families

We regret to inform you that Bachman Lake Together is no longer accepting applications for the Winter Storm Relief Program as we have reached capacity. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Applications are currently being evaluated and applicants will be notified soon.

Below is another organization that is also supporting families with financial assistance, please contact them directly for additional information.


How do you decide who receives funds and who does not?

While we wish we could give funds to all applicants, and we are continuously looking for   additional ways we can serve the community, we often do not have enough funds to assist every family who applies. We have developed a fair and equitable review process for all financial assistance where all applications are reviewed based on the order they are received and are processed anonymously to avoid bias.

Below are the steps we took to review the Winter Storm Relief Fund applications.

1.     Once an application was received, we sent a notification via email confirming that we received it.

2.     The application was then reviewed thoroughly for completion and accuracy. For any incomplete applications, we contacted the applicant to gather missing information.

3.     We then removed personal information from all complete applications and sent them to the assigned evaluator.

4.     The evaluator then reviewed the anonymous applications based on the eligibility criteria published with the application instructions.  The evaluator then approved or denied the application accordingly.

5.     Finally, the applicant was then notified of the outcome and if awarded, the applicant was provided with additional instructions to receive their funds.

6.     If the applicant is not awarded, they will receive an email notifying them and be provided additional resources.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Operations Manager at