Why so much college in america? Because Americans are such bad parents, and the memes have to mix themselves up to avoid a downward spiral? It must come down to the animal's desire for sex, or some kind of memetic propagation thing. Obviously one supposedly taught stuff in university, and one is exposed to people of different origins and with different ideas, blah, blah, blah.

Is America the most "go to college even when it's a sheer waste of time if held up to the light of the stated ostensible reasons for doing it?"

Gateways, Meme Fountains, and Interdisciplinarians

One question one might ask is which memes can get transmitted which could not get transmitted otherwise? There is a larger more diverse audience, for starters. or is that true? Can we assume that?

I guess one thing is a vehicle for transmission of memes from island groups one island group relatively isolated group to another also, the individual who goes to college is automatically branded marked as an "expert" and a  as a "subject expert" making them effectively meme fountains.

One curious thing is the phenomenon of compartmentalization, or one would say could say "departmentalization" of knowledge and technique at university. This runs counter to the counter to the stated raison d'être of universities, i.e., the sharing of knowledge. "Interdisciplinarians" are at once looked at ascance as boat-rockers, but at the same time as adventurous and helpful rebels, and only those with pluck and who are really good at what they do dare to brave those rocking-boat-filled waters.

That just demonstrates all the more how sharing of information is somehow honored more in the breach than the observance.

I had an idea about why departmentalization is the norm, and only under decades of pressure and sea change does the math department form the "applied math" department and ultimately shed it to become the "computer science" department, and so on. It's as if once a department becomes so weighty and its sub-departments become so disjointed such that he no longer talk to each other for all intents and purposes, then we split into another department.

Departmentalization and Memetic Nexus

I had an idea about "why departmentalization" but I can't get it now. It's something to do with memes, controlling memes, or probably immunomemes and the management of immunomemes.

For instance, if one establishes oneself as an authority over some measurable definable segment of human knowledge, it is then possible to tell everybody who says anything about that subject that they are wrong. By contrast, if one does not delineate the domain of one's authority, then one loses the ability to do just that.

In a way, physicists and mathematicians are at the top of the heap, whatever heap that is, in that Nature herself or pure logic are the impartial arbiters of one's own rectitude. This has cool side-effects, in that hard science may be practiced anywhere, and the results shared, or anticipated, or whatever. It's like the weather -- everybody gets to experience it. One might say that Hard Science is somehow above memetics, but it's not so. Unlike many disciplines or factions or whatever, softer  sciences etc, Nature herself is the memetic nexus. Sometimes She takes the initiative, and provides a neutron star collision in a galaxy far, far away  NGC4993, to be exact, and other times she just answers our questions when we ask Her. Like the weather. You can kind of ignore it most of the time, you can check it any time you want, and everybody experiences it the same at the same time.

In Spite of all That, the Knees[1] are Still Tasty...

Scientists then proceed to act like any other group beholden to memetic laws, i.e., they deploy the easiest-to-deploy immunomemes as fast as they can, blythely without the slightest regard for how "right" the person or persons providing them the deployment opportunity may be. Or, it the person providing the deployment opportunity does it in a sophisticated enough way, they may provide the chance to deploy immunomemes (in layman's terms, "to bully") other groups who react to the new meme source. Finally, with Mother Nature as the arbiter, Hard Science manufactures a bunch of new signal memes and immunomemes around the new ripple (or it is forgotten, perhaps to pop up again, as often happens) and these new memes[2], as often as not of the configuration "I believe that a heavy Higgs will be discovered and it will become clear that a brane model of a closed universe will eventuate" versus "There will never be a heavy Higgs and anybody who believes in a greater-than-unity lambda is barking mad" and so on.

Of course, one super-meta-immunomemeplex is that given the very fact that one is in "Hard Science" such polemics do not take place and any indication to the contrary is in fact a clear sign of healthy debate and forward progress. Medical "Science" is a good example. It's also a mishmash of actual semi-scientists trying to amass data, often for deeply self-serving purposes, and other little-better-than-witchdoctors in the trenches of private practice, justifying their trephining, circumcising, blood-letting, and water-breaking under the aegis of "I'm a doctor" -- a very circular definition and justification to say the least. The rubbish I'm talking and doing are justified because I'm a doctor, i.e., an authority who is unquestioned regardless of the unbelievable extremes of the sheer nonsense I say and do.

[1] As in “knee-biting” or as often as not, “ankle-biting”

[2]I need a term for immunomeme anti-immunomeme pairs