NRPS STEAM Night Overview

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STEAM Night 2018 hosted by the North Reading Public Schools.


                In May of 2018, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced the first annual statewide STEM Week to take place from October 22-26, 2018.  This recognition is aimed at boosting students’ interest and to raise awareness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.  Governor Baker is asking educators at all grade levels to participate through a variety of activities focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


                In North Reading, we have expanded our call to Governor Baker’s charge to include arts activities, thus tonight we celebrate STEAM Night.


                The focus this evening is to showcase much of the good work taking place across our school district at all grade levels and to heighten the interest in careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and also to highlight the value and importance of arts education as it contributes to the development of the whole learner.


                Tonight is about sharing what we do as a school district, in collaboration with important community partners, to enhance our students’ STEM and STEAM skills as they enter an ever-changing world that will require that they be informed in the STEM and STEAM areas so as to be competitive with their peers around the globe.


                On behalf of the North Reading Public Schools, we are proud to bring you this exciting and informative event to our community as we seek to inspire further our students and ignite their imaginations for their futures.


                I am grateful to the many students, educators, and community partners who are present here this evening, as well as those who helped to prepare for this year’s STEAM Night in North Reading.  This is the first event of its kind to be hosted in our school district, and we look forward to expanding and enhancing similar such events in the future.


                I hope that you enjoy the evening.  Your presence is appreciated.


                                                                                                    Jon C. Bernard, Superintendent

NRPS STEAM Night Overview 10.24.18

189 Park Street

North Reading, Massachusetts 01864

Daniel Downs, Ed.D.  

Director Of Digital Learning 978-526-5265

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Welcome To NRPS STEAM Night!

Thank you for attending to our very first STEAM night presentation.  Please plan on arriving at approximately 6:30 p.m. or slightly before to begin exploring the variety of table demonstrations in our combined Middle/High School Main Street area.

Social Media Hashtags: #nrsteam18  @digitalhornets

Entering The MS/HS Building & Parking

When you arrived at the NRPS Middle/High School campus at 189 Park Street please follow the road up around the back of all buildings to the back parking lot. If you begin to go all the way around the buildings (by the tennis courts) you have gone too far.  Please enter at the main entrance area in which the Gymnasium is visible.

Notes for enjoying our event:

Wifi Access:

Please use our “Guest” Network for Wifi access.

Password is: northreading

Order Of The Evening




6:30 pm-7:00 pm


Arrival Of Guests and Check-In & Table-Demonstrations With Visitors

 Location: Main Street 

7:00 pm    

Announcement Of Moving To The Performing Arts Center      

 Location: Main Street 

7:05 pm         

Introductions/Thank You’s: Daniel Downs, Jon Bernard & Patrick Daly      

 Location: Performing Arts Center

7:10 pm-7:40pm    

Women In STEM Presentation:

Marybeth Brennan,Kate Corkery, Danielle Currier, Sarah Lilley  

 Location: Performing Arts Center

7:45 pm-8:15 pm 

Amazon Robotics Presentation  

 Location: Performing Arts Center

8:15 pm         


Closing Remarks                        


Location: Performing Arts Center

Table Topic Descriptions



Grade Level

Whitney Cleary

Hood School Student Work Samples


Daniel Downs & Jim Sgroi

Digital Learning Initiatives


Jacklyn Haas

Salem State University

Information From Salem State University

All Levels


Students Drawing on Tablets

High School

Kathleen Dasho


Vex Robotics, Tetrix Robots, Raspberry Pi, Websites from Web Design class

High School

Katelyn Jolibert


Genetics of Plants Lab, Women in Science Engineering Event Mock-up, World of Science Lab Application

High School

Charles Osgood


Lego NXT and EV3  Robotics Challenge Demonstrations

Middle School

Susan Musacchio


EV3 Lego Mindstorms Robot Challenges

Middle School

Chris Lindsay, Sam Anthony, Helen Kelley


Elementary  Robotics and Computer Science


Rebecca Mikulski

Amazon Robotics

Tabletop Display Robot, Video of Robot inside of Fulfillment Center

All Levels

Shellie Kerrigan


Plastic Bag Information, "orangutan-friendly" Halloween candy and the effects of palm oil plantations on biodiversity

High School

Keri Verdonck


Biotechnology Labs:  PGLO lab & Gel electrophoresis.  

     High School

Ellie Sanford

SWE Boston

Copper Tape Circuits


& Middle

Tina Borek

Batchelder Elementary

Know Atom curriculum, labs, Beebots, Kindergarten tulips project,  3D printer


Sri Srikanth-NR Robotics

FIRST Robotics

    Middle & High

Eric Schack-NRHS

Dynamic carts/track with photogates, motion detectors & force gauges, Makerbot 3D printer & Autocad Demo

High School

 Thank You!

North Reading Public Schools Building & Maintenance Department

Amazon Robotics

Fidelity Investments & The “Women Of STEM” Speakers

Teacher, Student & STEAM Community Presenters