A refugee city is a place that is revitalized through immigration


Everything that everyone does should aim towards making the new city self-sufficient, starting with food, shelter, sanitation, and health, with as few initial imputs as possible. This ensures that the city is made and shaped by its citizens, giving every individual a purpose, and a self-directed focus to the group as a whole.

Give everything its space

When people need to do something, immediately start to create a space, a community center, specializing in that thing. For example, a clinic, a playground, a network of wild spaces, a building construction yard, a specialist workshop, a research area, an art studio, a foundry, a community gardening center, a small cart-building workshop, etc.  

Agree on community priorities 

Meet regularly to discuss the biggest overall needs, and get people to agree on those priorities, so everyone can then contribute to adressing them. Don’t dictate.