S27: WL Validation and Verification

Chair / Contact

B. Joachimi (b.joachimi à ucl.ac.uk), R. Nakajima (reiko.nakajima à gmail.com)


Joint splinter session between OU-VIS, OU-PHZ, OU-SHE, OU-LE3 (WL) and WL-SWG to discuss efforts to address the WL-related TBDs/TBCs in the Requirement Documents, mostly in VIS, SHE and LE3-WL. We will propose concrete tests to fill the TBDs/TBCs, under the understanding that this is WL-SWG work. The main focus would be on tests that involve VIS/SHE and SHE/LE3 interfaces. We exclude the the TBC/TBD in LE3 covariance, which is discussed in another proposed splinter

Room and Time

PS2 (Parksaal 2)

Thursday, June 14 9:00-10:30



 - Pipeline VIS PF overview

 - WL V+V item list and

Reiko Nakajima

~ 45 min

OU-LE3 WL V+V issues

Benjamin Joachimi

~ 30 min

Shear bias estimation

Arnau Pujol

~ 15 min

OU-SHE WL V+V issues


To be discussed in S26

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Selection biases:

Detection biases - Henk ~ 12min

OU-MER - Emiliano ~ 12min

OU-PHZ - Stephane ~ 9min

Machine learning - Malte ~ 9min

Discussion + emphasis on SHE V+V ~25min

WL V+V - Reiko and Benjamin ~ 25min