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Vendor Policy
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Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) defines a vendor as any individual or group that represents companies, products, or services, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. For a set fee, MARAC offers vendors and individuals representing companies, products, and services dedicated space in a variety of formats, including but not limited to advertisements in the MARAC newsletter and meeting programs, and space in the vendor showcase at meetings.

MARAC does not restrict a vendor from becoming a member. In the case where a member is a vendor, that individual cannot abuse the privileges of being a member. The individual is prohibited from using the membership database, to which they will have access as a member, to advertise companies, products, or services. MARAC encourages vendors that want to promote their services to post on MARAC's Facebook page at

In an effort to eliminate any conflict of interest, yet provide optimal educational opportunities, vendors may:

Vendors who exhibit at a meeting will receive contact information (names and email addresses) of meeting attendees, before and after the event. It is intended that the vendors use the list only for promotion and communication specific to that meeting and comply with MARAC’s Privacy Policy.

MARAC’s Distribution List which includes members' names, emails, and mailing addresses is available for purchase by vendors for one-time usage. Members who have requested to opt out of vendor exchanges are omitted from queries. Vendors are required to sign a “one-time use agreement” and comply with MARAC’s Privacy Policy.

Questions about MARAC’s Vendor Policy should be directed to the MARAC Chair at

(Approved by Steering Committee 2/23/22)