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Schedule Summary Viral Networks
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Viral Networks

Workshop Schedule

Introductions and Welcome (8:45-9:00)

E. Thomas Ewing, Virginia Tech

Session 1. Professional Networks (9:00-10:30)

Michelle DiMeo, Chemical Heritage Library, Visualizing Early American Medical Networks, c. 1620-1770

Christopher Phillips, Carnegie Mellon University, NIH Statisticians and the Transformation of Medical Proof

Sarah Runcie, Columbia University, Networks of Mobile Health Teams and Disease in Colonial Cameroon

Keynote Lecture, Natcher Conference Center Balcony B (11:00-12:00)
Theresa MacPhail, The Evolution of Viral Networks: H1N1, Ebola, and Zika

Session 2. Networks of Health and Disease (1:00-2:45)

Nicole Archambeau, Colorado State University, Seeing the Impact of Plague in the Fourteenth Century

Lukas Engelmann, University of Edinburgh, Mapping Early Epidemiology: Reports of Bubonic Plague 1894 – 1910

Kylie Smith, Emory University, The Crippling Preoccupation With Race: Psychiatry and Civil Rights in Alabama 1966-1972

Melissa Grafe, Yale University, Viral Images: Tracing Medical Imagery through the Medical Heritage Library

Session 3. Networks of Concepts and Categories (3:00-4:45)

Katherine Cottle, Goucher College, Mapping Private Communication: Uncovering the Hidden Chambers of Baltimore’s Geographical Heart

Anna Lacy, University of Delaware, Home Dangerous Home: Mapping Household Accidents in the United States, 1790-1860

Andrew Ruis, University of Wisconsin, “Nutrition Science Is Not a Discipline, It Is an Agenda”: Toward a Historical Definition of Nutrition

Katherine Sorrels, University of Cincinnati, Jewish Refugees from Nazi Austria and the Politics of Disability in the English-speaking World