Under Section 27 of the Education Act1998 “students of post-primary schools may establish a student council and … the board of management shall encourage the establishment by students of a student council”.

Since the late 1990s, students in Magh Ene College have exercised this right in the form of our Student Leadership Team which consists of Head Girl, Head Boy, Tutor Class Prefects, their Deputy Prefects & our Co. Donegal Youth Council representative, all of whom are democratically elected by our students.

Student Leadership Programme & Student Council Summary:

Empowers students

Represents Students' Views

Provides a consultation channel between students, teachers, Class Tutors, Year Heads, the Principal, Deputy Principal & Board of Management

Offers Peer Support to fellow students

Helps Improve School Atmosphere

Works to Improve School Conditions, Facilities & the Learning Environment

Raises Students' Awareness of 'bigger issues" like Bullying / Mental Health / Social Issues

Elects a Representative to Co. Donegal Youth Council

Role models & leads

Student Council

  • Organises Extra Curricular Activities
  • Fundraises
  • Surveys Student Needs & Opinions
  • Tutor Class duties
  • Helps at School Events e.g. Parent Information Nights, Christmas concerts, Awards Night etc
  • Assists School Management