LS: Chapter 1 Study Sheet for Test

Study Skill

Go through your notes. Write the questions in the question column, or write the number of the question. Highlight the answer to the question.

Note: if you don’t have an answer, use your book or talk quietly with a neighbor to find it, then write it in and highlight it.

Or, search through your notes and write the answers to the questions this page.

  1. What is the mitochondrion (mitochondria is the plural) and what does it do?
  2. What is the cytoplasm and what does it do?
  3. What organelles are found in plant cells but not in animal cells?
  4. What organelles are found in animal cells but not in plant cells?
  5. List the 3 parts of the cell theory.
  6. In what order do you focus the lenses of a microscope?
  7. What is the cell wall and what does it do?
  8. What is the cell membrane and what does it do?
  9. What are the three parts of the nucleus and what do they do?
  10. What is the endoplasmic reticulum and what does it do?
  11. What is a lysosome and what does it do?
  12. Explain the difference between organic and inorganic compounds.
  13. Identify the types of organic compounds.
  14. What is an enzyme and what does it do?
  15. What are proteins made of? What problems can be caused in the making of proteins?
  16. By what process and type of organism are carbohydrates made?
  17. What category of organic compounds has fats in it?
  18. List the functions of water as an inorganic compound.
  19. List the 4 types of cell transport.
  20. Which type of cell transport is the main one used by cells?
  21. Is diffusion active or passive transport? Explain.
  22. How are osmosis and diffusion different?
  23. How are active transport and passive transport different?
  24. What gives small cells an advantage over larger cells?
  25. What happens to a plant if you put salt water on it?
  26. If you look through a microscope, how can you tell that cork is a dead plant cell?
  27. What three cell parts could you see in an onion cell at medium power?
  28. Describe a cheek cell.
  29. What did the onion cells look like?
  30. Tell the difference between a plant and animal cell from a picture of it and explain why it is that type.
  31. 4 True/False Video Questions on Stem Cells