Dear Claypit Hill Families,

It is hard to believe that we are only in our first full week of distance learning.  In a period of four short days, students, families, and teachers have bravely stepped up to the challenge of thinking about teaching and learning in innovative ways.  We are engaged in learning approaches that I would not have believed possible for elementary students, and your support is instrumental.

While our district has followed the directives from the state to offer learning activities that review, practice, and enrich existing skills during this initial closure, the true learning has come through increasing our knowledge of and comfort levels with the various online platforms for distance learning.  Just as we all have different learning styles and areas of academic interest, some teachers and students simply enjoy technology more than others.  The learning curves are vast, and this may be contributing to variations in engagement opportunities among classrooms.  

In addition to learning how to do their jobs in completely different ways, teachers are also learning what you are learning.  That is, they are helping their children develop at-home learning routines and schedules.  They are negotiating with family members for internet bandwidth, home office workspace, parenting duties, and other household chores.  Some of our teachers have infant and toddler-aged children, which adds layers of challenge when planning and executing virtual meetings.

Thank you for your patience with us as we embrace the challenges of doing our jobs from home.  We are all incredibly committed to your children, and we will help each other to develop best practices for distance learning.  

It has been wonderful to hear from many of you and to receive your pictures and videos of your home learning studios.  I am including a kindness poster challenge below this letter.  Cubs, please send me your posters, and I will Tweet those for all to enjoy.  Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone, and please continue to let me know how I can support you during this world crisis.

All my best,