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In-Person Meeting Planning Timeline
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In-Person Meeting Timeline

MCC: Meetings Coordinating Committee;  LAC: Local Arrangements Committee;  PC: Program Committee;

WC: Workshop Coordinator;  AD: Administrator;  VC: Vendor Coordinator


Local Arrangements Committee

Program Committee

Other Coordinators

18 months

before meeting

  • Co-Chairs meet with MCC Chair to review meeting manual, recent evaluations from attendees, and reports from LACs and PCs
  • Co-Chairs meet with MCC and  review meeting manual, recent evaluations from attendees, and reports from PCs and LACs

MCC Chair:

  • Negotiate and sign hotel contract with assistance from the HelmsBriscoe Rep
  • Appoint LAC and PC Co-Chairs and host orientation meeting
  • Provide AD with dates, venue, hotel rate, and LAC/PC chairs’ names and emails to publish on webpage

14 months

  • Co-Chairs form committee (members must be MARAC members), discuss assignments, and form subcommittees for publicity, sponsors, reception, tours, registration, hotel food functions, audio-visual set-up, transportation options, and directions
  • Begin search for reception site
  • Coordinate with AD:
  • Provide a Call for Committee Members to send to membership
  • Request list of members who expressed interest in serving on LAC by geographic location
  • Notify of committee members for e-list
  • Co-Chairs form committee (members must be MARAC members) which begins to brainstorm ideas for meeting focus, program sessions, and plenary and luncheon speakers.
  • Coordinate with AD:
  • Provide a Call for Committee Members to send to membership
  • Request list of members who expressed interest in serving on PC
  • Provide a list of committee members for e-list


  • Set up committee e-lists (listserv) and shared Google Drive folders
  • Send messages to membership on behalf of LAC and PC
  • Provide information on membership as requested

At 2nd meeting prior (12 months preceding)

  • Provide status report to  MCC
  • Hold first LAC meeting to assign responsibilities, define tasks, and establish timeline
  • Decide whether to plan an In-Service Project for the meeting
  • Contact Treasurer for budget template and estimate of program design expense
  • Provide status report to MCC
  • Hold PC meeting to finalize theme, assign responsibilities, define tasks, and establish timeline
  • Provide AD the Call for Proposals  to send to membership

Workshop Coordinator: 

  • Review workshop offerings from two previous meetings.  
  • Provide Administrator a Call for Workshop Proposals to send to membership

9 - 7 months

  • Send meeting notice to SAA, social media and other relevant e-mail lists such as nearby state library associations, MAAM, and the local historical community
  • Finalize reception arrangement; select caterer and menu
  • Contact Membership Chair about Meet & Greet room space and refreshments
  • Write brief article about the meeting for MAA
  • If offering an in-service project, select venue – consider distance, cost, facilities, safety, parking; solicit supply donors
  • Draft budget in consultation with PC Co-Chairs and Workshop Coordinator, and submit to MCC Chair and Treasurer for preliminary review
  • Notify VC of  hotel’s contact person for arranging/receiving shipped exhibit materials  

  • Review proposals and form sessions
  • Distribute second call for proposals or additional speakers (if needed)
  • PC members sign-up to be Session Coordinators
  • Contact participants and chairs
  • Assess audio-visual needs
  • Arrange plenary and luncheon speakers
  • Send Speaker Agreements to plenary and luncheon speaker
  • Shared with the Treasurer any speaker contracts and/or information about promised honoraria and expenses

Program Editor: Distribute program production timeline and information requirements/responsibilities

Workshop Coordinator:

  • Compile workshop ideas and determine viability, Contact potential instructors
  • Confirm with LAC Chairs room requirements (i.e. how many full and how many half-day workshops
  • Finalize workshop offerings
  • Send written confirmation to instructors
  • Compile budget information for LAC to include any A/V expenses outside of basic projector

Vendor Coordinator:

  • Provide necessary information to AD to prepare vendor registration form

At meeting

(6 months preceding)

  • Provide status report to MCC
  • Present budget for MCC, Finance, and Steering Committee approval
  • Meet with vendors and invite them to the next meeting
  • Work with VC to identify local or regional businesses that may be potential vendors. These should be in addition to the database and may include architects, office supply companies, etc.
  • At business meeting, give humorous slide presentation to MARAC membership inviting them to the next meeting
  • Provide status report to MCC
  • PC meets for progress reports and discussion of work left to be done
  • Distribute any promotional fliers that advertise poster sessions, student paper sessions, or other calls for speakers

MCC Chair: Host meeting with upcoming meeting planners for next 2 meetings

Workshop Coordinator: Submit written descriptions of sessions including minimum and maximum of registrants and coordinator’s contact information to Program Editor

Vendor Coordinator: Along with LAC Rep distribute information and registration form to exhibitors

5 months

  • Provide hotel reservation link and booking deadline to AD
  • Finalize tour arrangements such as chaperones, transportation, food, tickets, and as necessary
  • Review menu options for Meet & Greet with Membership Chair  
  • Finalize transportation arrangements for reception, if necessary
  • Write second article for MAA; send second notices to SAA, other relevant organizations and E-mail lists
  • Solicit local sponsors to subsidize the reception, coffee breaks, and other events.
  • Provide LAC-related material for the program to include images of local historical sites and other related topics to the Program Editor
  • Collect from committee members brief descriptions of each program session, names of chair and participants, employing institutions, and titles of presentations
  • Arrange master schedule of sessions based upon information received from committee members regarding participants’ needs, and considerations of session content if possible
  • Ensure committee members maintain contact with session chairs to be sure they are in touch with participants, getting biographical information for introductions and preparing comments
  • Provide PC-related material for the program to include images of local historical sites and other related topics to the Program Editor

Program Editor:  Accumulate all materials for digital program from PC and LAC writers and  makes first edit

Membership Chair: Select refreshments for Meet & Greet


  • Process vendor registrations and create shared vendor spreadsheet
  • Contact Scholarship Chair for submission deadline

Workshop Coordinator: Send instructors contract agreements

Vendor Coordinator: Contact potential vendors

4 months

  • Work with AD on the following:
  • Provide descriptions of luncheon entrees
  • Confirm use of reception tickets
  • Approve name badge layout
  • Make tentative arrangements with the hotel for meals and breaks
  • Collect local brochures to have available at registration table

Program Editor: Return text to meeting planners for revisions and submit to designer for layout

Workshop Coordinator:

  • Notify AD of min and max number of attendees for each workshop
  • Submit workshops for ACA credit approval

3 months

  • Review program drafts
  • Assist AD with testing registration form and reviewing opening announcement
  • Provide AD the meal format and menu for Steering Committee dinner and description of vendor box lunches/pricing
  • Contact PC to finalize audio-visual needs for program participants
  • Provide image for website home page banner to Web Team

  • Review program drafts
  • Inform all speakers of registration policy and pricing for non-member speakers
  • Contact Treasurer to purchase online schedule app
  • Provide Call for Poster Sessions to AD for distribution to membership

Workshop Coordinator:

  • Contact instructors about special needs/setup and notify LAC
  • Confirm availability of A/V equipments if outside basic projector and room package
  • Once program is released, promote workshops in non-MARAC venues

Vendor Coordinator: Contact Web Team to confirm vendor recognition on webpage

11 Weeks

  • Forward opening registration announcement to non-member speakers
  • Populate online schedule app with session details, speaker information, and sponsor logos


  • Update website and send announcement that registration is open
  • Process registrations
  • Send weekly registration updates to MCC Chair, LAC & PC Co-Chairs
  • Prepare lunch form for vendors and send link to Vendor Coordinator

8 Weeks

  • Review draft evaluation survey
  • Contact hotel for room reservation statistics and provide AD with response to inquiries if hotel is close to full
  • Contact standing committee chairs through the MCC Chair as well as LAC and PC chairs (consult website or MCC Chair for their names) for upcoming meeting, to determine meeting times and locations to publish in online schedule and supplement

  • Review draft evaluation survey
  • Evaluate poster submissions, notify participants, and begin work on poster program supplement
  • If planning virtual poster presentations, contact Social Media Coordinator to gain Editor access to YouTube
  • Arrange to borrow easels for poster presentations from local institution or hotel. Purchase foam core if needed.

MCC Chair: Schedule on-site hotel visit

Administrator: Draft  meeting and workshop evaluations and distribute for review

Workshop Coordinator: Review draft workshop evaluation survey

Vendor Coordinator:

  • Send email specifying set up time, hotel shipping procedures, and contact info
  • Include invitation to register as a conference participant as well as option to attend luncheon

6  Weeks

  • Confirm audio-visual needs one more time to avoid last minute surprises
  • Compile information for supplement and consult Program Editor if time allows
  • Assemble information packets for In-Service Project participants
  • Notify AD of complimentary meal choices for luncheon and possibly plenary speakers
  • Provide LAC with information for supplement, including speaker changes and poster session details

Vendor Coordinator: Send email with form link to confirm vendor representatives’ names and order lunches

4 weeks

  • Participate in on-site hotel visit with MCC Chair
  • Set registration desk schedule with LAC members and review the rest of the meeting strategy with committee
  • Tour Coordinator:
  • Coordinate payment arrangements for tour providers with Treasurer
  • Notify AD of what tours may be open for on-site registration based on payment arrangements

  • Co-Chairs:
  • Provide AD complete listing  speaker names and institutions
  • Update online schedule with room locations, posters, etc and send link to AD
  • Confirm final details and biographical information with plenary and luncheon speakers
  • Committee members: Confirm final details with session chairs and participants

Awards Chair: Ensure that sub committee chairs have provided recipient information and congratulation letters to Administrator for certificates and Treasurer for checks


  • Share spreadsheet of tour and workshop registrants with LAC and Workshop Coordinator
  • Send doodle to Steering Committee to determine attendance and meal selection

 2 weeks

  • Make any necessary alterations in plan for tours; keep in touch with PC and WC regarding room assignments
  • Collaborate with VC to plan the vendor space, taking care to assign prime locations to those who are giving extra support to the meeting
  • Create acknowledgement signs for local sponsors to display at sponsored events
  • Print supplement
  • Send tour confirmation emails to tour registrants
  • Work with AD on the following:
  • Headcounts meals, reception, etc.
  • Confirm number of meals that may be sold on-site
  • Registration desk shift coverage
  • Upload attendees to online schedule and send invitations
  • Upload virtual poster presentations to YouTube. Notify AD of any order changes for playlist


  • Provide list of registrants to VC and PC Co-Chairs to upload to online schedule
  • Send message to attendees with SCHED link

Workshop Coordinator:

  • Receive list of workshop attendees from MARAC Administrator and forward to instructors
  • Send confirmation e-mails to workshop attendees
  • Provide Treasurer with information for honoraria and expense checks

Vendor Coordinator: 

  • Distribute list of attendees to vendors
  • Create acknowledgement signs for vendor sponsors to display sponsored events

Week before

  • Meet with hotel representative to report food function numbers and review all activity and food arrangements, audio-visual needs, etc.
  • Ensure Treasurer has information to pay tour providers
  • Notify plenary and luncheon speakers about reimbursement form, ensure Treasurer is aware of all payments to be issued.


  • Send messages for  business meeting and new member orientation
  • Assemble registration envelopes containing name badge, invoice, and meal tickets
  • Send meal counts to LAC

Week of

  • Wednesday afternoon: meet with hotel representative for overview of hotel layout and key hotel contacts
  • Assemble meeting packets, if using, with LAC committee members containing local information
  • Ensure Treasurer has information to pay speakers, if applicable


  • send message to attendees for registration table hours
  • send message to public for on-site registration details

At Meeting

  • Staff registration table: answer questions; provide assistance and directions, as needed
  • Liaise with hotel
  • Lead tours and oversee special events
  • Oversee vendor area with VC
  • Ensure adequacy and proper placement of signage for events, sessions, tours, and workshops
  • Monitor sessions and A/V needs

  • Committee members should attend all sessions they are responsible for, count attendees, and note general reaction to the session. Information should be included in PC final report.
  • Co-chairs will liaise with and introduce the plenary and luncheon speakers.


  • Process on-site registrations and payments
  • Confirm table setup and schedule for Steering meeting
  • Distribute the post-conference surveys

Workshop Coordinator:

  • Distribute updated rosters, certificates, and checks to instructors
  • Check on instructors and rooms throughout the day

Week after

  • Send thank you notes as specified in Meeting Manual.
  • Write letters of thanks to plenary and luncheon speakers, and session moderators and participants
  • Invite speakers to upload their presentations to the DRUM repository


  • Distribute list of final attendees to VC and attendees
  • Send charitable tax receipts to sponsors
  • Update Continuing Education Transcripts for workshop attendees

2 weeks to 2 months after the meeting

  • If necessary, track down any outstanding bills and otherwise assist Treasurer in closing out meeting finances
  • Approve final refunds with AD
  • Review evaluation surveys
  • Meet with MARAC Treasurer to finalize expenses and financial report
  • Write final report and upload to shared drive
  • Delete drafts or unused documents from Google cloud space.  Ensure all records in shared drives are accessible to all.
  • Write wrap-up/summary article of about 700 words for next newsletter
  • Review evaluation surveys
  • Write final report and upload to shared drive
  • Delete drafts or unused documents from Google cloud space. Ensure all records in shared drives are accessible to all.
  • Ensure that speakers have submitted expenses and receipts via the reimbursement form, if applicable


  • Close evaluation surveys and distribute results to MCC
  • Provide final registration, revenue, and refund numbers to Treasurer

Workshop Coordinator: 

  • Review evaluation surveys
  • Write final report for meeting and upload to shared drive
  • Ensure that workshop instructors have submitted expenses and receipts via the reimbursement form

Vendor Coordinator: 

  • Add new vendors to shared database
  • Send list of attendees to vendors

Review  Meeting

  • Review final report and provide suggestions for future meeting planning

  • Review final report and provide suggestions for future meeting planning

MCC Chair:

  • Provide final overall report to Steering at next quarterly meeting
  • Turn over meeting records, including a copy of the final report, to the MARAC Archivist
  • Ensure MCC Manual Editor updates manual with statistics and suggested edits