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“The Power of VR Offices” video

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A black woman has long black locks. She wears a small black fedora, a navy blue collared shirt and a bright patterned tie.

Rezenet sits in a small office near a computer desk and some vertical blinds. She uses sign language.


Another difficult issue is vocational rehabilitation. VR counselors and DOR or the Department of Rehabilitation can really swing the pendulum.

They hold the fate of students’ careers in their hands.  They can easily discount the student and say, “Oh, there isn’t much recruitment in this field. There aren’t many possibilities so it may be best to consider another field.” They can just destroy students’ dreams. They are the ones who really determine people’s careers.

I did not have good luck with VR while working on my bachelor’s and master’s. I had no support.

They didn’t see the vision I had for my future, so I had to do it on my own. But now, for my doctorate degree, I have an amazing VR counselor. I told them I wish there were more VR counselors like them.

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A teal circle appears, crossed with a banner with text: “The Power of VR Offices.”

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